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Greece is not only about islands; its mainland can also offer invaluable experiences to those who visit it. Edessa, the city of water, is located near Greece’s second-biggest city Thessaloniki, in central Macedonia.

Edessa, Wasserfälle.
Edessa is mostly known for its stunning rivers and waterfalls. Its name, which is of Phrygian origin, literally means “tower/city in the water”. This amazingly beautiful city is a not-to-miss destination for all those who love nature and outdoor activities. Here is a list of places you can visit in Edessa:

Open-air Water Museum: People of Edessa managed to make the best out of the running water of their city. In the 19th century, Edessa’s industry was mainly based on water-power.In 2001, the first aquarium that has endemic freshwater fish in Greece opened in Edessa. There, you will also have the opportunity to see a variety of amazing water creatures and reptiles such as turtles, crabs and even, anacondas.
Folklore Museum: A neoclassical building that houses a unique collection of traditional costumes and everyday items that people of Edessa used to use in the19th and 20th centuries. It is worth mentioning that the entrance fee is inexpensive.
Geni Tzami: is the only mosque, in Greece, that remains intact without any modification through the ages. It is of Byzantine style and it has been used as a museum since 1942.
Wetland of Lake Agra: This lake is near to Edessa (only 8km away). Every year, almost about 250 species of birds visit this lake periodically and some of them build their nests in there. Otters and aquatic turtles complete the breathtaking scenery along with the lavish, green nature.
Loutra Pozar: is near to Edessa, under an arm of Kaimaktsalan. Loutra Pozar is famous thanks to its thermal spring. Do not miss the chance to relax in its bubbling water. It will certainly be a lifetime experience.
Edessa Waterfalls is probably the most popular tourist attraction of Edessa. Its waters fall from a height of 70m. The magic of its rushing water can indeed mesmerize you, maybe because, as the legend has it, “fairies of water” live in there.

Edessa offers plenty of activities such as trekking, horse riding, and archery. Those who feel more adventurous can try rafting. If you are a nature lover, you should definitely visit Edessa, the mesmerizing city of water!

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