Milos: Unique stays at a fisherman’s house

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Milos is hands down one of the most photogenic islands of Greece. The lunar landscape of Sarakiniko beach, the mind-blowing sea caves and cliffs of Kleftiko, the numerous fantastic beaches, along with the picturesque villages of Klima and Plaka have made this island a top destination worldwide.

Finding a place to stay will not be a hard task, since there are a plethora of boutique hotels, rooms to let and studios on the island. Different types in terms of budget and style are offered while there is a variety in locations too. Pollonia village and Adamas port are where the vast majority of hotels are found thus the most popular locations for your accommodation.

For those of you looking for a unique stay during your holidays and want to avoid a typical hotel, there are many options too. Staying at a fisherman’s house is by far one of the most authentic places to host your Greek summer holiday in Milos.

The fisherman’s “syrma” house

Some of the most interesting and emblematic architectural structures on the island of Milos are the “syrmata” houses.
These traditional buildings are located right on the beach most of them are carved into the rocks. The ground floor was used as a storehouse where fishermen used to park their wooden boats during wintertime in order to protect them from the bad weather conditions on the island and make some reparation work too. The close access to the sea made the transportation of the boat very easy.

Most of those structures have small apartments built on the first floor right above the boat garage. This place served as a summer house for the fisherman and his family who wanted to stay close to his boat and the sea.

The design of these structures is simple yet very particular. Their facade is painted white but the big wooden “garage” door along with the windows and balcony fences on the first floor are painted in different bright colours such as yellow, red, green, or even mixed colours. It’s been said that the colour of the houses matches the colour of the boat belonging to the same fisherman. The reason is that the paint that was left from the boat painting, was then used to paint the house as well.

Syrma Houses in Klima village

The main village where the “syrmata” houses are located is Klima which is less than 6 km away from Adamas port.
It is considered one of the most picturesque villages in the Cyclades and it feels like it has been literally taken out of a postcard! The lovely colours on the houses, the yellow fishing nets that are left to dry all over the harbor and the small floating boats make this place idyllic.
Furthermore, it offers one of the best sunsets on the island while
Astakas restaurant serves the best and most delicious seafood.

Other smaller fishing villages with syrmata structures are Mandrakia, Areti, Fourkovouni & Firopotamos beach.

Stay at the best “syrma” boathouses in Milos

Nowadays, some of these buildings have turned into guest houses and are run by locals. They offer very special accommodation and are strongly recommended to travelers who want to experience a more authentic side of Milos.
Unfortunately, due to the small number (less than 15), they get sold out quickly, so early booking (even 8 months in advance) is necessary. The best of them are:

1. Dream Boathouse

Dream Boathouse is located in Klima and accommodates 4 persons.
Apart from the typical syrma architectural elements, it has a lovely interior design too. Unique pieces of traditional furniture add an even more authentic touch.


2. Fisherman house

Fisherman house is also located in Klima and is ideal for a family of 4 or 5.
It was recently renovated with respect to its original architecture while some classic furniture and modern amenities offer extra comfort.


3. Blue sea house

Blue Sea House is a traditional syrma house in Klima that has turned into a warm and inviting guesthouse.
It can accommodate up to 6 persons and is fully equipped offering relaxing accommodation.


4. Vasealis & Seafis Sirma Klima

Vasealis & Seafis traditional guesthouse is separated into two apartments and is ideal for couples.
Staying here means that you will enjoy nice accommodation with beautiful sea views.


5. Salty Splash

With the sea at its front door, Salty Splash is a waterfront Syrma house with a housing capacity of 3 people.
It is traditionally decorated and well equipped, with a small seating area a few steps away from the sea.


6. Blu intenso

Blu Intenso is a fully renovated boathouse for 2 with a romantic ambience.
It is located on the beach of Firopotamos and offers great views of the beach, the settlement and the chapel of Agios Nikolaos. It has a particularly calm atmosphere, especially after the sunset.


7. Tsakanos Traditional Syrma

Tsakanos Traditional Syrma is a traditional and cozy boathouse with a 5-person capacity.
It is full of amenities, with its own kitchen and the bedroom of the upper floor opens to a tiny balcony right above the sea.


8. Beach suite syrma

The seafront Beach Suite Syrma offers truly magical views of the sunset and the opportunity to spend your vacation relaxing by the waves.
Its interior design is modern and everything you need to be comfortable can be found there.


9. Almera Sea view boat house

The fully renovated Almera Sea View Boat House is constructed on the edge of a tiny sandy beach that you will have at your disposal.
It can house up to 4 guests and the peaceful environment is great for families.


10. Nefeli’s Syrma

With a small terrace that overlooks the sea, the charming Nefeli’s Syrma is a fully equipped boathouse with a lovely traditional design and an inviting atmosphere.
It has 2 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 5 guests comfortably.


11. On the waves of Klima

On the Waves of Klima is a traditionally furnished boathouse with a white and blue color palette.
It offers the chance to wake up to the sight of a beautiful seascape every day, that can be enjoyed from its tiny balcony above the sea.


Extra tips on planning your holidays to Milos

How to get to Milos: Milos is connected with Athens, Piraeus port by ferry. During summer, there are 5-6 daily ferry crossings. The trip lasts from 2 hours and 45 minutes to 4 hours depending on the vessel and the ferry company.
Find all ferry itineraries and book your ferry tickets online

What not to miss: There are a variety of tours, things to do, and places to visit in Milos.
Exploring the
sea caves of Kleftiko with a cruise or a boat tour remains on top of the list. Being the most popular attraction of the island, an early booking is recommended.
Book your tour to Kleftiko online.

Island hopping from/to Milos: Milos is a very popular destination for island hopping. Many travelers combine several islands during their visit. The most popular island hopping packages are:
Athens – Sifnos – Milos // Athens – Milos – Santorini – Paros // Athens – Santorini – Folegandros – Milos // Athens – Milos – Santorini – Mykonos – Paros // Santorini – Sifnos – Milos


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