Greek yogurt: when nutrition and joy combine

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The consumption of greek yogurt has progressively evolved into a major trend worldwide, resulting in the increasing demand for the product which is currently being exported in hundreds of countries all over the world. But what is this whole fuzz about? Keep reading to see for yourself why you should definitely incorporate this phenomenal superfood in your daily diet:


Nutritional value and benefits

Greek yogurt is a product of amazing nutritional value, a fact that is known since antiquity. Because of its nature, it is relatively low in fats and calories, while it is high in proteins. Due to the enzymes and active bacteria it contains, it promotes the balanced function of the gastrointestinal system as well as the digestion process. It is also rich in calcium, the effective weapon against osteoporosis that strengthens our bones; the list of its nutritional data also includes vitamin B, potassium, phosphorus as well as magnesium. Greek yogurt is also low in carbs, which makes it an ideal choice for diabetics or people with blood sugar issues. However, besides its numerous health benefits, greek yogurt has a supreme texture and taste, unlike other yogurt types; it is creamier and has a subtle sourness that fills you up quickly while keeping you full for long. Studies have shown that its consumption leads to fat reduction in the central area and can help people maintain their weight within the normal range. Clearly, we are talking about a gastronomical treasure that can only benefit you!

How to enjoy it

Greek yogurt’s mild flavor and rich texture make it a versatile product that can become part of many recipes. You can use it in traditional dishes, like tzatziki (the traditional Greek side dish, a delicious cream made with yogurt, olive oil, garlic, and cucumber) or just to accompany heavier delicacies like kebabs. Greek yogurt is ideal as the base of light salad dressings, as well as smoothies of all kinds, substituting protein powder or ice-cream. In Greece, it is also used as an ingredient for the preparation of pies. Additionally, it is a perfect ingredient when it comes to the preparation of sweets and desserts; you can use it in frostings, fillings as well as cakes -it makes a delicious and guilt-free cheesecake! Another trend that has taken over the worldwide market is frozen yogurt -”froyo” as the fans call it- which is basically a mixture of yogurt and milk that freezes until it attains an ice-cream like texture. Frozen yogurt is typically lightly sweetened with sugar or stevia, and can be accompanied by several toppings, from fruit to chocolate sauces -a fact that minimizes its health benefits and can lead to calorie overload. However, the best way to enjoy its amazing taste is by simply eating it plain, pouring over some nuts and honey -an ideal breakfast, snack or light dinner. Mouth-watering!

Extra tip: In case you are enjoying your holidays in Greece, do not miss the chance to visit a traditional dairy shop (“galaktopoleio”) and ask for a big serving of sheep-milk yogurt; thick, incredibly rich in taste, a true flavor of Greece in your palate.

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