First time on a Greek ferry? Answers to 5 frequent questions

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First time travelers on a Greek ferry: what to know

Are you a first-time passenger on a Greek ferry? Then we understand that you might have a few questions for the boarding procedure or the trip itself. Here are our answers to the most frequent questions that we receive regarding first-time ferry traveling in Greece.

# Which is the best seat on a Greek ferry?

This is a very frequent question from passengers who travel the first time on a ferry. Of course, there can’t be a definite answer to this question. The ferry seat depends on many facts, such as the length of the trip and the vessel. If the trip is long or overnight, we suggest a cabin. If the trip is short, we suggest a salon seat, air seat or deck, which are the most economic options. If you prefer privacy, some vessels have VIP salons. In any case, passengers are free to walk around the deck and probably this is where you will spend most of your ferry trip, gazing at the blue sea and enjoying the refreshing summer breathe.

# How safe are the Greek ferries?

Very safe. You will have no problem. Just pay attention during the embarkation and disembarkation process as pickpocketing incidents have unfortunately been reported.

# Is there a bar on board?

Yes, most ferries have a coffee and snack bar. If the trip is very long, for example, the trips from Greece to Italy that may last for over a day, then there is also a la carte restaurant. The only ferries that do not have bars are the hydrofoils that cover short routes, for example, the hydrofoil from Athens to Aegina or Agistri.

# How much time ahead should I be at the port?

Do not go last minute at the port because the embarkation process can be too crowded, especially in large ports such as Piraeus, Rhodes, and Santorini. If you have your ferry tickets at hand, you can be at the port about 30 min before travel time. If you need to buy or pick up the tickets at the port, then you should be there about 1 hour before ferry departure, just to make sure that you will have enough time to buy or collect the tickets.

# Is there any time to get off the ferry during stops?

Unfortunately no. A Greek ferry is not like a cruise line. There can be intermediate stops during a route so that passengers get off and new passengers come on board, but this stop lasts for 10 min. There is no time to get off at the port, take a walk and return to continue the ferry trip. In general, you are not supposed to leave the ferry before you reach your destination.

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