Trekking with historical value: Mount Olympus, Athos, Parnassus

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The varied landscape of Greece offers many opportunities for trekking and hiking in the mountains and for a thorough exploration of the country’s scenery.

Greece is full of routes through lakes, mountains, valleys, and rivers but the most important point is that you can combine this magnificent stroll in nature with a touch of history. The first place to start from is Mount Olympus of course, the mountain of the Gods.

Olympus Greece

According to Greek mythology, Olympus was the place where the ancient Gods and Goddesses were living and it was a place of incredible importance to the development of Greek philosophy. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain of Greece and its ambiance and surroundings form a majestic landscape. Olympus is the natural border between Thessaly and Macedonia in northern Greece and is only 100 km away from Thessaloniki. The alpine landscape of Mount Olympus is home to an amazing amount of birds and this is why it is listed as one of the most important bird parks and nationals in the EU. Moreover, Mount Olympus has been established as the first national park of Greece and a Biosphere Reserve (according to UNESCO). There are many trails to follow in Olympus and the best you can do is check out the available routes with an organized hiking agency that has experience in the sport.

The second most famous mountain of Greece that also carries a heavy religious and historical importance is, of course, Mount Athos. Mount Athos is a remote mountain in northern Greece on the third “leg” of Halkidiki and it the largest monastic society of Greece. Actually, it is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations to date. Commonly referred to as the “Holy Mountain”, its religious tradition dates back to 800 A.D. Nowadays, the whole peninsula is inhabited by more than 2.000 hermits and 12 monasteries. There are many hiking routes you can follow and certainly one day is not enough to explore the whole area. From the top, you can admire the endless sea and the monasteries that are built on top of the rocks and look like abandoned mansions. However, entrance to the monasteries is only allowed for men and for a limited amount of time. As you walk between the mountains, you will come across a variety of different images. Desolate and naked slopes, rich flora, steep cliffs, and rugged rogues await you on top of this interesting mountain. The view from the summit is breathtaking but the route can be very hard to follow so you’d better be well equipped.

Delphi: The place where all major kings of the classical Antiquity took advice from. The ancient Greek history abounds in legends and stories about the famous prophetess that was chewing bay leaves to predict the future. Delphi is located in southwestern Greece along the slope of Mount Parnassus and there stands the Sanctuary of Apollo that includes the Oracle of Delphi. The area boasts an amazing beauty with a view to the large Pleistos Valley while the surrounding nature is amazing. Visitors enjoy the breathtaking view where the green, the grey, and the blue become one.

In the area of Delphi, there are also many hiking routes to follow that also connect the surrounding area. Routes such as Delphi – Kirra, Delphi – Kroki and Delphi to Mount Parnassus. The routes may vary but the most enjoyable route is the one that connects Delphi with Parnassus because it gives the chance to nature and history lovers to both explore the magnificent nature around the mountain and boost up the experience with a touch of ancient history. Routes for both beginners and experienced hikers are available.

If you want to live an amazing experience in the Greek open-air, do not hesitate and book your hiking excursion now!

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