Holidays in Greece with kids

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Holidays in Greece with kids

Holidays in Greece can be an excellent chance to spend quality and enjoyable time with your children. In fact, families very frequently decide to have their holidays in Greece with kids, and invest in the wonderful memories they will create together. If you are wondering why to choose Greece for your family holidays, here are the answers.

Safe environment

Greece remains among the safest countries in the world, especially the islands and the countryside. Although the criminality rate is high in the city center of Athens, with many pickpocketing incidents reported by tourists, the rest of Greece is absolutely safe to walk even in the middle of the night. From large towns to small villages in the Greek islands, the entire country is safe and easy to get around alone or with kids.

Stunning beaches

Beach playing with children in Greece

The beaches are fantastic places to enjoy a day in the sun with your kids. All beaches are clean and some have been awarded the Blue Flag for the cleanness of their water and the organized facilities on the coast. Most beaches are also shallow, which is very safe for kids who will be free to make sandcastles on the sand or play with the pebbles. Have in mind that there are no sharks or other dangerous species in the Greek sea.

Hotels with pools and water parks

Kids love pools, you know that! Leave them all day to play at the hotel pool, while parents can sunbathe at the umbrellas or have a cocktail at the pool bar. Some hotels also have special pools for kids, while other hotels have playgrounds or entertainment rooms with special children educators and animators.

In some islands, you will also find water parks with fantastic pools and games that make the perfect setting for a family day trip. Such water parks are the Aqualand in Corfu, Lido Waterpark in Kos, Faliraki Waterpark in Rhodes and Water Village in Zakynthos.

Nutritious food

No doubt you will find the healthiest and freshest traditional products in the mini-markets and restaurants in Greece. In fact, many taverns in the islands have their own farms where they cultivate products and breed animals. Therefore, visitors can taste delicious fruits and vegetables coming right from the Greek land, with no preservatives, like tomatoes, melons, watermelons, cheese, honey, grapes, herbs and more.

Do not also hesitate to try house wine in the taverns, which is delicious and cheaper than bottled wine. Have your kids taste these nutritious and healthy products and dishes of the Mediterranean diet.

Sightseeing with kids

Sightseeing in Greece will make a huge impression on the eyes of children. Let them discover Medieval Castles and ancient sites where mythological heroes lived, like Mycenae or Knossos. Explain to them the historical background of these ancient sites and enjoy their enthusiasm.

Apart from places of historical interest, you will also find many fun places to visit in Greece with your kids. For example, the Attica Zoo Park in Athens is a place where hundreds of jungle animals, insects and birds live, while an aquarium with dolphins was recently created.

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