Ferry from Turkey to Greece: lines and regulations

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Ferry from Turkey to Greece: ferry lines and rules

Due to the short distance between the Greek islands in Eastern Aegean and the coasts of Turkey, there is frequent ferry connection, particularly in summer, to serve tourists who need to travel from one country to the other. Taking a ferry from Turkey to Greece is quick as in most cases travel time is about one hour. Here are the main ports that serve ferries from Turkey and Greece.

Ferry from Ayvalik to Lesvos

A very popular ferry from Turkey to Greece is the ferry connection between Ayvalik and Lesvos. This ferry runs 3-4 times per day in high season and travel time is 90 min. The ferry carries both passengers and vehicles. Usually, this ferry runs only in the tourist season and there are no winter schedules.

From Cesme to Chios

Ferries from Cesme to Chios run 3-4 times per day in the high season in order to facilitate a large number of visitors between the two countries. Cesme is a large tourist resort about 45 min drive from Izmir, the third largest town of Turkey. Travel time from Cesme to Chios is 70 min and this ferry can also carry cars and other vehicles. In winter, there are also ferries in this route about 3 times per week.

From Kusadasi to Samos

The ferry line from Kusadasi to Samos gets very busy in summer due to the popularity of these two places. There are usually 2 ferries per day in summer arriving in Samos at the port of Vathi, the capital of the island. Many visitors actually take this ferry from Turkey to Greece as a day trip, returning back on the same day. Others choose it as a gateway for longer holidays in another country. Travel time from Kusadasi to Samos is 80 min.

From Bodrum to Kos

The ferry line from Bodrum to Kos is very busy in summer due to the high popularity of both locations. The short travel time (about 40 min) makes it also a great choice for day trips, although many visitors also see it as a gateway from one country to the other. This ferry from Turkey to Greece runs usually twice per day only in summer months. Some ferries carry only passengers and others carry both passengers and vehicles.

From Marmaris to Rhodes

This popular ferry line from Marmaris to Rhodes usually runs 2-3 times per day in high season. Some vessels carry only passengers and some others both passengers and vehicles, serving a large number of tourists who need to hop from one country to the other. Travel time is 1 hour.

Passports and regulations

As Greece is a member of the European Union and Turkey is an Asian country, there are some rules and regulations regarding people and vehicle transportation from one country to the other. A passport is certainly needed for all visitors who wish to travel to the other country. Also, some passengers, depending on their country of origin, may also need a visa, therefore they should better contact the Greek and Turkish embassies in their country to ask for more details.

Passengers who need to travel by their car must have upon embarkation the car license with their name on it and international car insurance that includes Turkey and Greece. If the vehicle does not belong to the driver, then a legal authorization is needed by the car owner signed and stamped by notary or police. If this documentation is not provided during embarkation, then the vehicle can’t travel from one country to the other.

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