Greek ferry seats: Deck, air seat or cabin?

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Traveling by ferry is a fantastic way to get from one Greek island to the other. Although some islands have airports that allow easy access from Athens, Thessaloniki or direct flights from abroad, taking the ferry is longer but more enjoyable. After all, for some islands, the ferry is the only option to get there, as there is no airport.

When looking for ferry tickets, passengers shall notice that there are many types of Greek ferry seats. Ferry seats vary from the economy, deck and air seats to business seats and cabins. Here are the main differences between the Greek ferry seats.

Greek ferry seat types

Open deck and economy seats

Unless the online booking engine gives two different options, then usually the open deck and the economy salon seats are the same. Deck seats actually mean that you can sit anywhere you want on the deck and walk around. This option is fantastic for day trips, as passengers can enjoy the bright sun, the blue sea and see the passing-by islands.

Economy seats allow access to the economy salon. These seats are not numbered and passengers can sit anywhere they want. In the salon, there are usually coffee tables and couches. Facilities include TV and a snack bar to buy coffee, refreshments drinks, water or a light snack. Economy passengers are allowed to get on the deck and walk around the vessel. However, as the seats are not numbered or named, once passengers leave their seats, it is not guaranteed that they will find later the same seats available.

Deck and economy passengers usually leave their luggage at a specially-designated area next to the garage entrance. As the crew is not considered responsible for any luggage loss or damage, passengers are advised to lock their luggage, have their names on them and get at the luggage area before the vessel docks at the port to make sure that no other passengers have left with their suitcases.

Air seats

Aircraft seats are numbered and booked on the name of the passengers. They are convenient Greek ferry seats and slightly more expensive than salon seats. Passengers can get up, walk around, go to the deck, go to the economy salon if they want, and then return to their own air seat.

Business seats

Business seats are actually air seats in a better vessel part. Business air seats are also numbered and booked on the name of the passengers. Passengers can also get up, walk around the vessel and return to their seats. Usually, business seats are leather seats and more spacious. They may be located on the upper deck, giving thus a better view during the trip. Also, their salon has a less-crowded snack bar and a quieter environment. Business seats are about 50% more expensive than economy Greek ferry seats.


Large Greek ferries that go on long and overnight trips have cabins for the comfort of their passengers. Cabins can be outside or inside, depending on whether they have a porthole or not. Also, there are cabins for 4, 3 or 2 people and also lux cabins with double bed. Cabins for 4 passengers have bunk beds, while cabins for 3 or 2 passengers have normal single beds. All cabins offer a private bathroom with shower. In addition, many vessels also have special cabins for disabled and also cabins for pets.

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