Santorini boat excursions: feel the fresh breeze of the Aegean Sea

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Would there be a better way to discover the island of Santorini than by sea? Are you dreaming about a boat excursion around the caldera with the sea breeze against your face? Surely, you are… Why don’t you have a look at the Santorini boat excursions that we suggest?

Santorini boat excursions

# Sunset Sailing Cruise with Catamaran

How would you like to discover the caldera of Santorini on board a deluxe catamaran during the sunset time? Our Santorini Sunset Sailing Cruise with Catamaran (with max 15 participants) departs in the afternoon, passes by the famous volcano and the hot springs and then arrives at the Red Beach and the White Beach, on the southern side of the island, for a swim.

Enjoy the crystal waters, try snorkeling, relax with sunbathing and get ready for our BBQ dinner on board! While we sail back, you will have the amazing chance to enjoy the famous sunset of Santorini from the middle of the sea. This is among our most popular Santorini boat excursions. Ideal for wedding proposals and honeymooners!

# Day Sailing around Caldera with Catamaran

Day sailing excursion around Santorini

This Day Sailing Cruise in Santorini takes place on a deluxe catamaran on a semi-private basis (max 15 participants). See the wild cliff of the caldera from the sea and feel the warm touch of the sun. You will love the blue sea around us and the view from the deck as you treat you with wine, ouzo, coffee or a refreshment drink.

After we sail around the volcano, we head to the southern side of the island, where we can snorkel and swim at the crystal waters of the White Beach and the Red Beach. We return in the afternoon, after a long day of sailing, swimming, sunbathing and a delicious BBQ dinner.

# Boat excursion to volcano and hot springs

Santorini boat excursions: to volcano and hot springs

This is the most classical of all Santorini boat excursions. The tour to the famous volcano and the hot springs of Santorini is definitely a must thing to do on the island. The boat departs from the old port of Fira twice per day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. It stops at the volcano, where participants can get off and walk on top of a still-active volcano, and then the boat continues to the hot springs, where you can swim in hot waters with therapeutic powers.

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