7 Hotels in Crete to fall in love with

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Accommodation in Crete is more than just a service; The island’s hotels will allow you to experience authentic Greek hospitality and their facilities have been specifically designed to make your accommodation experience an unforgettable one! There is a wide variety of options, from modern to traditional hotels and deluxe to budget-friendly options, some of which have a seafront location, while others are surrounded by lush green nature. Below, you will discover some of the best hotels to stay in Crete:

Kapsaliana Village in Rethymno

Kapsaliana village blends in harmonically with the Cretan landscape.

Stay in a historic building by booking your accommodation in Kapsaliana Village! Situated in the region of Rethymno, the building complex of the hotel consists of reconstructed Venetian and Cretan houses that date back to 1600. The old settlement has been carefully restored in order to preserve the traditional features of its original architecture and the rooms currently available combine an authentic atmosphere with modern elements. In addition, Kapsaliana Village offers a restaurant where Mediterranean and Cretan dishes are served.

Thalori Traditional Village in Heraklion

Thalori traditional village overlooking the Libyan sea

Offering breathtaking views of both the sea and the mountains, Thalori Traditional Village will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the wild Cretan landscape. Located in the settlement of Kapetaniana, 20 traditional houses that have been fully renovated make up the hotel. Each house has a unique style and its traditional architecture has been carefully preserved. Stone-built walls, wooden antique furniture and other traditional elements have been successfully combined with modern additions, including an infinity swimming pool.

Aspros Potamos in Lassithi

Aspros Potamos, a unique accommodation

Aspros Potamos can be found in the rural area of Pefki and its building complex is situated in a lush green mountainous setting, not far from the sea. This is the oldest village in the area, full of ruins that have been listed as archaeological monuments. The hotel itself consists of reconstructed houses that are approximately 300 years old and all aspects of their traditional style have either been preserved or recreated with great attention to detail. Stone, wood and other natural materials have been used to furnish the rooms, resulting in a cozy atmosphere.

Monastery Estate Guesthouse in Chania

Modern renovation of an old Monastery

Monastery Estate Guesthouse is situated in the southern part of Chania, close to Leuka Oroi mountains and the beach of Sougia. The building in which the hotel is housed dates back to the 1800s and its design represents the area’s traditional architecture. Various modern details have been added to make it suitable for a luxurious stay, including jetted pools, deluxe amenities and other amazing features. In each suite you will discover antiques and other signature decorative pieces, coexisting harmoniously with modern furniture and giving a unique style to the hotel.

Daios Cove Luxury Resort and Villas in Lassithi

5-star luxury meets turquoise waters and a sandy beach.

Daios Cove Luxury Resort And Villas has been specifically designed to offer luxurious accommodation in a charming seafront environment in the area of Agios Nikolaos. The hotel provides numerous modern shared facilities, including but not limited to swimming pools, a bar and restaurants. The resort consists of villas and suites with an impressive modern design, where you will find all kinds of amenities. Some of them come with extra features, such as private pools or outdoor seating areas with a sea view. Spa facilities are also available.

Acro Suites in Heraklion

A well being resort for the holidays of your dreams

Located only a few kilometers away from the city of Heraklion, Acro Suites is a well-being resort that provides villas, suites and houses with a modern interior design that has been heavily influenced by the rocky natural landscape of Crete. Its building complex has been constructed on the edge of a rocky hill above the sea, ensuring magical views and moments of serenity. Each unit is spacious and fully equipped, with luxurious facilities, including private or shared pools with a cave, infinity or freeform style. Dining facilities are offered as well.

Kalypso Cretan Village in Rethymno

If Jack Sparrow had passed by Crete...

Surrounded by rocky hills and mountains and overlooking the sea, Kalypso Cretan Village can be found in the remote and peaceful area of Kalypso. Its location is one of the most special ones in Crete, not only for its marvelous natural scenery but also for its history: this place is linked to piracy, as well as ancient Greek mythology and Homeric Poems. Although the hotel has an out-of-date decoration, it’s location is so unique that is definitely worth a visit! Kids simply adore it! Furthermore, it offers a wide variety of organized activities, such as scuba diving sessions, yoga classes and entertainment events.



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