Our most suggested Milos tours: by boat and bus

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We recently updated our tours section in Greeka.com with some fantastic tours that allow visitors to explore the island by boat or bus. Undoubtedly, Milos is one of the most romantic islands in the Cyclades and perfect for the summer holidays. Due to the special volcanic background and rich history of the island, there are many important sights that visitors have to see during their holidays.

Our exciting Milos tours, led by experienced guides, can help you organize your daily schedule and fit everything in. Here are our most suggested Milos tours.

Boat Tour to Kleftiko

Milos tours: Boat tour to Kleftiko Sea Caves

The most important of all Milos tours is the Boat Tour to Kleftiko, a definite must-see for all visitors to the island. Departing from the port of Adamas, we sail around the coastline of Milos, making stops at various wonderful spots. The tour highlight is the fantastic sea region of Kleftiko, a complex of thrilling sea caves and extraordinary rock formations, used as a pirate hideout in the Medieval times and now a winter seal refuge.

In Kleftiko, passengers can dive from the boat for a swim in pure crystal waters. An alternative of this tour is the snorkeling tour to Kleftiko, that includes a guided snorkeling tour to the sea caves and underwater passages of Kleftiko.

Best of Milos Bus Tour

Best Milos tours: bus tour around the island

Discover the most significant landmarks of Milos and swim in fantastic beaches with the Best of Milos bus tour. On this interesting tour, visitors will learn all about the special geological landscape, natural wonders and interesting history of the island. First stop is the Cave of Papafragas, a complex of volcanic sea caves, ideal for snorkeling. Later on, we get to the astounding lunar landscape of Sarakiniko beach, a site of pure white stone, created by volcanic activity.

The capital of Milos, Plaka, the traditional village of Klima, and the early Christian Catacombs, a complex of 1st century AD labyrinths, are the next stops of this bus tour. At the end of the tour, passengers can relax on the soft sand of Agia Kyriaki Beach and swim in its crystal waters.

Geological Tour to Milos volcano

Milos tours: geological tour to volcano

More specialized than other Milos tours, the Geological Tour refers to travelers who wish to gain a deeper insight into the rare geological morphology and volcanic background of the island. Naturally, the tour primarily makes stops at the astonishing white stone of Sarakiniko and the impressive Cave of Papafragas.

During the Geological Tour, you will also see the two volcanic craters of Milos: the Crater of Firiplaka with the century-old cedar trees and the Crater of Trachilas. Passengers are further treated with a visit to the Mineralogical Museum, where a fantastic collection of historical objects, photos, and minerals are shown, the Aggeria Mine, which is the largest bentonite mine in Europe, and the new Mineral Factory.

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