Writing holidays in Greece: ready for your next big novel?

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Writing holidays in Greece

Are you a writer who is going through a writer’s block? Have you always wanted to write your big novel but you did not have time? Do you want to meet other writers and exchange ideas? Then why not take off on some writing holidays in Greece?

Why come for writing holidays in Greece

There is no better inspiration for a writer than the air of Greece. The first step to start writing is to relax and unwind your mind from anything stressful. This way, you will be able to concentrate on your story. And there is no better place to relax your mind than Greece! Feel the summer breeze, gaze at the gorgeous sea view from your balcony, walk along the beaches or take a nap under shady trees by the sea. These will be truly precious moments.

In Greece, you will find so many places to sit and write your story. This apartment balcony with the fantastic view, that lounge chair on the beach, the cafeteria by the sea, the large pergola at the hotel garden: it is as if any spot is ready to host your ideas.

Another reason that Greece is a gem for writing novels is that people actually talk! They talk to each other and share stories. It will be so easy to find material for your book, as your stories are just out there. From the old granny sitting at the yard to your hotel host, everyone will have some special stories to narrate. Just talk to them and keep a notebook.

Writing workshops

Many interesting writing workshops are springing up over the last few years in Greece. Usually organized in cozy guesthouses or small boutique hotels, these workshops are run by fellow writers or editors and may last from 2 to 4 weeks.

A famous writer’s lab is, for example, Skyros Centre in the fantastic bay of Atsitsa, Skyros island. Working for 35 years, this center invites every summer prestigious writers to teach creative writing courses, including Booker and Pulitzer Prize winners.

Other individual writing labs are spread in Greece, such as the Fiction Writing Courses in Kythnos island by novelist John Murray that runs from April through November, or the Limnisa Writing Retreat in the secluded village of Agios Georgios, Methana peninsula, mainland Greece.

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