Enchanting dives into the blue of Donoussa

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Donoussa is a small island in the southeastern Cyclades and is located 10 miles north of Amorgos and east of Naxos. According to ancient Greek mythology, the island took its name from the god Dionysus, who inhabited the island. Historically, the first settlers came from the island of Amorgos and founded the village “Stavros” where they built the church with its beautiful blue dome, typical of the Cycladic architecture.

Following, we have gathered some of Donoussa’s top beaches:

#Livadi Beach


For many Livadi beach is considered the most beautiful of Donoussa as it has gorgeous shimmering waters and white sand. It is situated in the sheltered bay beneath the settlement Mersini. There are trees for shade while on the left side of the beach there are places where people can guard their boats during the winter.



In Greek, Fokospilia literally means seal cave and it was named like this after the seals used to find shelter here. It is one of the most popular sights of Donoussa in Greece due to the coloring of the deep blue waters under the sun rays. It is located on the east side of the island, and the cave is decorated with corals and stalactites. It is definitely worth the visit.

#Kedros Beach


Kedros beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Donoussa, it is sheltered in a small bay in the south of the island. It is sandy with blue waters.

Donoussa might be rather small but you can entertain yourself by visiting small cafes, bars, and restaurants. You surely must not miss the local festivals and parties in which you can dance, drink a lot and have a good company with friends all night long.

More beaches of Donoussa island

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