One day ferry trips from Athens

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As Athens is located in the center of the country and there are many islands located only a short ferry ride away, visitors can easily pick up a small island to visit for one day. Such one-day ferry trips from Athens may combine walking, swimming, and sightseeing. They are ideal for people who come to Athens on business trips or for a few days and do not have time to make longer ferry trips.


One day ferry trips from Athens: Aegina island

Aegina is the most typical island for a daily ferry trip from Athens. Ferries arrive at the main town and from there you can take the bus to any beach around the island for a relaxing swim. Interesting sightseeing in Aegina includes the temple of Athena Aphaia and the Archaeological Museum with very interesting exhibits. After a long day of swimming and sightseeing, have a long walk at the beach promenade of Aegina Town and take the return ferry to Athens late in the evening.
How to go to Aegina: Ferries depart from Piraeus port in Athens every day, almost every hour. The hydrofoil (quick) ferry takes about 30 min from Piraeus to Aegina, while the normal ferry takes 1 hour.


Ferry trip from Athens to Agistri island

The tiny island of Agistri is ideal for a long day on the beach. Most ferries arrive at the port of Megalochori (Myli), the main town of Agistri. Upon your arrival, there is a bus to take around. First stop is Skala, the most popular tourist place on the island, with a nice sandy beach and traditional taverns. From Skala, there is a path leading to a nudist beach in 20 min walk. After Skala, the bus continues to the beaches of Aponissos and Dragonera, two secluded places with crystal water.
How to go to Agistri: Ferries depart daily (about 5-6 times per day) from the port of Piraeus in Athens. The ferry trip is 50 min.


Trip from Athens to Poros island

With traditional architecture and nice beaches, Poros island is a very popular destination for one-day ferry trips from Athens. Upon your arrival at the port of Poros Town, there are two buses: one going to Askeli, the most organized beach on the island, and the historical monastery of Zoodochos Pighi; and the other bus going to Neorio and the Love Bay. In particular, Love Bay is a very nice green cove to have a relaxing swim. In the evening, try local dishes at the seaside restaurants in Poros Town before returning to Athens.
How to go to Poros: Ferries depart daily and almost every hour from Piraeus, the main port of Athens. The ferry trip is 1 hour.

#Day cruise to Aegina and Hydra

Day cruise from Athens to Aegina and Hydra islands

Combine a visit to two lovely Greek islands in this day cruise from Athens. This cruise departs every morning from Athens and returns late in the evening. First stop is the fantastic island of Hydra, a place with traditional style and romantic ambiance. No motor vehicles are allowed in Hydra and all transport is done by foot or boat. After sailing through the strait of Poros, the vessel arrives in Aegina island, where visitors can take a walk around the town or swim in the beaches close by, before returning to Athens.

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