Best Hotels in Santorini for 2021

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With summer season 2021 only a few months away, we compiled for your convenience and reading pleasure a list of top-notch hotels to stay at while visiting the amazing island of Santorini.
As one of the world’s most prominent tourist destinations, hotels and other accommodation options sell out months before the official summer season. That is why we strongly recommend booking your lodging as early as 4 months prior to your arrival date, as rates climb very quickly after mid-spring. Summer 2021 is not an exception. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, holiday plans might be on hold, but if you want to visit Santorini, book an accommodation with a flexible cancelation policy and don’t wait till the last minute.

Also note: Many ferry companies have already announced their summer 2021 ferry schedules. Book your ferry!

Without further due, let’s dive into some of the best hotels in Santorini for 2021!

1. Ftelari Villa

When searching for a luxurious, yet secluded island getaway with undisturbed Aegean seascape, Ftelari Villa is a primary option.

Situated between the picturesque town of Fira and the equally wonderful Oia, the villa gracefully balances atop the caldera cliff; as a result, its guests can savor endless azure and volcanic views along with absolute comfort and privacy.

It is an ideal option for families and groups of friends, as it hosts 3 bedrooms, 2 well-equipped bathrooms and a spacious, fully-equipped kitchen. Its architecture abides by the whitewashed, minimal elements of Cycladic style and along with bright, funky colors they mold into a completely unique result.

By offering a plethora of lavish facilities and amenities, Ftelari Villa sets high standards on an island where luxury is synonymous with necessity. Dive into its crystal-clear outdoor pool, sunbathe on an aesthetic sun terrace and lounge at its chic loft carefreely and comfortably. 

More about Ftelari villa | Check availability 

2. Villa Agrikoia

The twin villas of the Villa Agrikoia in Oia create a wonderful revamped duo of traditional Santorinian farmhouses, an idyllic getaway for your summer vacation. They are located in the outskirts of Oia providing a more relaxed atmosphere.

The beautiful buildings can be booked either separately or together, making it a great option for large groups of friends or families. A pleasant addition is that the establishment is pet-friendly, so there is no need to leave your loyal companions at home. Live your Greek summer tale in this outstanding location, adorned with the mesmerizing Aegean vistas, while savoring Santorinian delicacies at the veranda. 

The villas possess a hip-chic luxury, as they blend the Cycladic exterior with contemporary minimalism; the interior respects the traditional white aspect and tastefully combines it with pastel colors. The result is an inspiring and energizing ambiance, befitting of your carefree conversations and fresh summer experiences. To top it off, Villa Agrikoia is encircled by verdant vegetation and gardens, adding gracefully to the feeling of privacy.

More about Villa Agrikoia | Check availability 

3. Homeric Poems 

Located in the picturesque village of Firostefani, atop the caldera cliff, Homeric Poems has it all; stupendous Santorinian vistas, every lavish modern amenity in the book with excellent design inside and out. The Cycladic architectural and folklore aspects are elevated at an unparalleled posh and stylish level. 

The breathtaking views of the volcanic caldera and the Aegean Archipelago are amplified while standing near or swimming inside the pristine infinity pool. Flawless sun terraces and verandas are decorated according to Homeric imagery, instilling a lyrical nostalgia in the atmosphere. Moreover, the suites’ interior proudly integrates the Greek colors and embellishes them with exceptionally designed details of Santorinian grace. 

While poetic vistas and design can satisfy your expectations for beauty and style, the exquisite menu of acclaimed chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos will definitely soothe your palate.

More about Homeric Poems | Check availability 

4. Andronis Boutique Hotel

The Andronis Boutique is surely in our top options when travellers seek pure luxury, stunning seascapes and intriguing cave pool design all in one location. Honoring the Santorinian aspects, it combines whitewashed Cycladic minimalism with elegant designer details. 

The posh suites of Andronis Boutique are all about unwinding and pampering; each of them features either a cave or outdoor swimming pool or an outdoor jacuzzi for absolute relaxation. 

The establishment offers every standard top-notch service and amenity to its guests. But the Andronis experience is far from over; you should not miss dining at Lauda restaurant, where the 3-Michelin-Stars chef Emmanuel Renaut provides you the finest of flavors. Moreover, photo safaris, helicopter flights above the Aegean and daily catamaran cruises can be arranged for the Andronis guests upon request.
When you desire adventure, lavish pampering and great memories of Santorinian summertime, you know exactly where to find it.

More about Andronis Boutique Hotel | Check availability 

5. Katikies Hotel

If you dream of feeling on top of the world, serene and in perfect balance with your inner-self, a suite in Katikies Hotel will gratify you fully. Reigning atop the caldera cliff, every room and suite is adorned with the most spectacular and romantic views Oia has to offer. The lodging complex is situated in the very heart of Oia, only a few steps from the main square of St.George church. 

Loyal to the Cycladic colors and lines, the interior emits purity and clarity in white and light. Katoikies Hotel offers not a mere island stay but the very essence of Santorini itself. Every suite has been minimally decorated with modern and revamped classic furniture, creating a refreshing and welcoming ambiance. The bold presence of multiple windows is a vital part for the final result. 

Its guests are able to enjoy the graceful vistas from the luxurious, crystal-clear infinity pools. It is also recommended to savour the culinary excellence of the Katikies restaurants while the sunset sets the perfect background. Allow yourself to rejoice further while at the lavish Spa and wellness services available at the establishment. 

More about Katikies Hotel | Check availability 

6. Etheras Villa

Etheras Villa in Santorini aims at creating an outstanding vacation experience of the island, the Aegean Sea and awakening the Greek summer within you. A beautifully designed, luxurious villa hanging atop the cliff of Firostefani village, less than 300 meters above sea level; this is where finesse and opulence are unpretentious and ever-present.

The villa’s interior incorporates signature pieces of decor and furniture into a light-oriented, white dominant palette. Featuring two bedrooms with King-sized beds and en-suit bathrooms, Etheras Villa ensures the comfort and privacy of its guests.
Moreover, the living space visually extends to the verandas and the magnificent views of the infinity pool and the Volcano, thanks to a plethora of glass doors and windows.

The striking beauty of the location and tasteful luxury of the villa might be incomplete if they were not accompanied by carefully selected deluxe services; from a la carte breakfast prepared by a chef in the villa’s spacious kitchen, to private exclusive candlelight dinners. For a change of pace, private limousine or sailing tours can be arranged. And if the need for extra unwinding arises, the lush beauty treatments of Etheras will sate it.

More about Etheras Villa | Check availability 

7. Ducato Wine Villas

Located in the Santorinian mainland, at the old-charm village of Megalochori, the Ducato Wine Villas will host your most memorable vacation. Unlike the typical cliff-hanging lodging options Santorini is associated with, the Ducato experience brings forth an intriguing blend of Cycladic design, broadly Mediterranean colors and, because of its wine-related past, a rather Mexican-inspired personality. 

Each villa is bestowed with its own unique and unrepeated charm, excellent minimal internal design and very romantic external style. Secluded away from tourist crowds and with a calming ambiance, the villas create a formidable getaway for couples, families and groups of friends

The large fresh-water cave and outdoor pools, jacuzzis and verdant terraces enable their guests to unwind and enjoy the beauty of Santorini’s hidden charm. To honor its wine-filled past, the available nearby vineyard and wine excursions are a fabulous way of experiencing and grasping the delicate local wine flavors. After all, the volcanic soil of Santorini enriches the quality and the notable aromas of the final products.

For travellers who seek an alternative Santorinian experience, rich in colors, tradition and leisure, the Ducato Wine Villas are an unmissable opportunity.

More about Ducato Wine Villas | Check availability

8. Grace Hotel

A list of the top Santorinian hotels would be imperfect if Grace Hotel was not presented. Standing as one of the top luxury accommodations in a striking setting, it received a rightful place in the Corde Nast Traveller Gold List 2012 for Best Location in Europe. It provides its guests with posh lodging, one of the most sought after seascapes of Santorini and the volcano, as well as an infinity pool of great dimensions to amplify it all. 

Here, you may make your summer dreams come true, cherish your Santorinian moments with your loved ones and house some of your best, lifelong memories. The white and cyan Cycladic aspects intertwine with wooden elements and soft fabrics ever so gracefully, adding a pure ambiance in your vacation. 

The Grace Hotel experience continues via a plethora of lavish services, from wellness Spa and yoga classes, to private romantic cruises in the sensational sunset of the Aegean and many more. The hotel offers various stylish suites to host your body and soul alike, as well as a top-notch Villa with its own infinity pool to perfect your honeymoon or romantic getaway.

More about Grace Hotel | Check availability

9. Canaves Oia Luxury Hotel

A perfect stay that combines mesmerizing scenery, lavish services and elegant accommodation has the name of Canaves Luxury Hotel embedded in it. As special and unique every Canaves guest is, equally elegant and aesthetic is every suite of the complex. Focusing on a clear and chic ambiance rather than any unnecessary decoration, every suite features a spacious veranda overlooking the emblematic vistas of Santorini. 

The Canaves experience, loyal to the well-being of its guests, provides various services and facilities dedicated to the ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ mindset. From numerous yoga activities, to working out in the hotel’s private gym and the unique library, Canaves offers it all. And when leisure and pleasure are in mind, the pristine pools, yacht cruises, delicious restaurant meals and lush beauty treatments seal an excellent Santorinian vacation

More about Canaves | Check availability

10. Aqua Blue

When looking for fine accommodation, a welcoming ambiance, helpful staff and an intriguing location for an affordable price, Aqua Blue is our most suitable recommendation.

Situated only a few steps away from the volcanic black seashore of Perissa, the establishment poses a refined, family-friendly and group-friendly alternative to the usual lodging options of Santorini. With a high number of rooms, studios to let as well as a junior suite and maisonette, Aqua Blue welcomes you to enjoy a comfortable stay on the island. 

Abiding by the pure white Cycladic architecture and cyan details in its exterior, in the interior it elevates them with modern white and light-colored wood furnishing; the result is an excellent, refreshing and uplifting atmosphere. The plentiful sitting areas throughout the complex enable an ever-present, welcoming comfort for its guests. Moreover, it’s central complex feature is a crystal-clear swimming pool with an encircling terrace where guests can sunbathe and unwind.

Aqua Blue’s restaurant will satisfy you with palatable delicacies, while its variety of on-demand services and tours will keep you entertained and satisfied. Whoever thought that luxury cannot be affordable, clearly never came across Aqua Blue’s hospitality.

More about Aqua Blue | Check availability

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