Peloponnese: Unlimited places to visit

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Peloponnese, linked with the rest of the mainland through the famous Isthmus bridge, is undoubtedly a destination ideal for the whole year. With a warm climate, mild winds and a beautiful landscape, Peloponnese is the ideal place to spend your holidays in a very friendly and picturesque place.

The Peloponnese is certainly a familiar image to all visitors since it is the peninsula that resembles a palm located in southern Greece. The Peloponnese is a place with amazing affordable food, a very rich history as the birthplace of the Olympics and amazing beaches.

Marina Patra

Especially in Western Peloponnese, the places you can visit are unlimited, the sights are abundant and the blue of the sea along with the green of the mountains creates an exquisite environment.

Peloponnese is divided into many counties. In western Peloponnese, the major ones you should visit are Achaea, Messinia, and Ilia.

To start with, the first highlight of western Peloponnese is Patras. Patras is the capital of the Peloponnese and is situated on the northwestern side of the peninsula. Patras is an industrialized city by the sea with an approximate population of more than 200.000 people. Although the population cannot be compared with the 4.000.000 of Athens, the city is very vibrant due to the high amount of students living there and the active student community. Meanwhile, along with exploring another big city of southern Greece, you can pass by the Patras Archaeological Museum, the famous Castle of Patras and the Patras Ancient Rome Theater. The city is very famous for its Carnival during the Greek Halloween period where a big parade is realized every year and since the city has it all after a sightseeing session does not forget to chill in one of the many cafes and restaurants. Patras also offers many ferry connections to Ancona, Corfu, Igoumenitsa and other areas of Italy.

Zaharo beach Peloponnese

Another vibrant city with local color is Pyrgos, also in the western Peloponnese. Pyrgos is a vibrant city with a lot of things to see and do. Generally, the prefecture of Ilia offers a lot of other important must-visit picks such as the Hot Springs of Kaiafa, the beautiful village, and the landscape of Zaharo and the charming village of Katakolo.

On the outskirts of Pyrgos, you will find the legendary site of the Ancient Olympia, where the Olympics were founded. In the 8th century B.C the Olympic Games were hosted in the area and nowadays visitors can enjoy the ancient sights of the old stadiums, the training centers and the temples of Zeus and Hera.

Ancient Olympia Greece

The area of Messini and more specifically, the city of Kalamata is also one of the places you must visit. You should definitely visit the Old City with the traditional cafes and explore the outskirts with the abundant nature and tranquility. Additionally, many activities such as horse riding and cruises are available from Kalamata to other interesting sights of the surrounding area.

One of the most impressive beaches some Voidokilia looks like a big gulf embraced by beautiful natural surroundings.

Some of the most important must-sees have been mentioned. However, the beauty of Peloponnese does not stop here and its opportunities for you and your whole family or your friends are literally as endless as the small villages of the prefecture.

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