Paros: As beautiful as it gets

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Belonging to the Cyclades island group complex in the Aegean Sea, Paros is a not to miss destination for those who wish to have a-m-az-i-ng holidays! This lovely island has been inhabited since 3,200 B.C. Being strategically located, Paros flourished and became an important trading center and thus, very prosperous. Along with this economically related prosperity, it also experienced a cultural flourishing. Many temples and places of cultural importance were built during that time and are still capable of captivating every visitor with their beauty.

Paroikia Paros

Paros has two main settlements: Parikia (which is its capital) and Naoussa. Paros is a typical example of the Cycladic architecture having whitewash houses with vibrant blue colored doors and shutters. It is as picturesque as it can get!

#What to see

On the hill of Agia Anna, really near Parikia, there stands an ancient temple dedicated to the god of healing, named Asclepius. In there, people who had various diseases gathered to find a cure. It is said that they used to sleep in there to have visions. They used to describe those visions to the head priest and he would later prescribe a cure based on them. There is still a fountain that people used to cure their diseases. If you are interested in finding more about Paros’ ancient civilization, you should really visit the interesting Archaeological Museum of Paros, located in Parikia settlement, near the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani.

Panagia Paros

The most known church in Paros is undoubtedly the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani. The church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani is actually one of the most important churches in Greece, mainly because it encompasses early Christian, Byzantine, and post-Byzantine features. According to one theory, after a religious trip to the Holy Land, Saint Helen, which was the mother of the Emperor Constantine the Great, found herself on Paros island due to a storm. In there, she prayed a lot and promised the Mother of Jesus to build a church devoted to Her. During the 4th century A.D., her son had the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani built. During the 6th century A.D., it was renovated by Justinian the Great.

#Where to swim

Aliki beach Paros

Paros is also a lovely place to go for swimming! Alyki beach is amazingly clear and protected from the brisk Cycladic winds. Chrissi Akti’s winds, on the other hand, are perfect for water sports. If you like water sports, this will be one of your favorite beaches along with the famous Punta beach which has two schools for kite and windsurfing. In fact, Punta is probably one of the best places for such sports! One of the most famous beaches on Paros island is Livadia with its crystal-clear waters and fine golden sand. This beach is fully organized and offers plenty of options for its tourists. In Naoussa, you can find the sandy beach of Agioi Anargyroi. This beach is perfect for families. Last but not least, there is Kolympithres, which is a rather unique beach due to its granite rocks that create incredible scenery that you will remember.

#What to eat

Once in Paros, taste as much Parian cheese as you can! It is one of the most delicious cheeses in Greece! And as you eat Parian cheeses, drink high-quality Parian wines along with them! Lastly, sweets such as pastelaries and zacharompaklavades will blow your mind!

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