Tours in Mykonos: See everything you have to see

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Mykonos is a relatively small island but has many spots, hidden or not, that visitors have to see. Especially if you are arriving for a day or two, we suggest you try our sightseeing tours to see everything you have to see on the island plus save valuable time.

Tours in Mykonos

Walking and swimming tours

Walking is a great way to explore the Town of Mykonos island, a picturesque place with typical Cycladic architecture. A walking tour in Mykonos will take you through the paved paths up to the hill with the Windmills and back to Little Venice, the most characteristic quarter of the town. On your way, you will see small museums, cozy white houses, and colorful souvenir shops.

Walking tours in Mykonos

A visit to Mykonos is not complete without a swim in the wonderful beaches on the southern side of the island. Paradise, Super Paradise, and Lia are wonderful beaches with crystal water. As they are large in size, visitors on these beaches can find both busy spots with beach bars and quiet spots to enjoy their privacy. Boat tours to Paradise and other beaches depart daily from the old port of Mykonos.

Yacht sail to a private island

As boat tours are very enjoyable in Greece, do not miss the chance to live the luxury of a yacht sail. Very popular is the cruise to Rhenia, an uninhabited island just one hour from Mykonos. Sunbathe on the deck of the yacht, swim in crystal secluded coves and have a light dinner on board.

Boat tour to Delos

Boat Tour to Delos Island

If you want to combine your beach holidays with sightseeing, then the boat trip to Delos is not to miss. Excursion boats depart almost daily (except Monday) from the old port of Mykonos and arrive in Delos in one hour. This island is an open archaeological site, never inhabited through its history. In ancient times, it was a religious place dedicated to god Apollo because, according to the myth, this was where the god was born. The ancient site of Delos is open from May to October.

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