Island hopping from Mykonos. You should try this!

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Mykonos may be the top destination in Greece. But did you ever think that Mykonos is a perfect island-hopping base for many other Cycladic islands?

The popular island is famous for its wild party scene and the amazing waters. But hundreds of visitors combine holidays in Mykonos with day trips to other Greek destinations.

And if you are one of them that are interested in island hopping but you don’t know how don’t worry any longer!

We are here to organize the best island hopping tour from Mykonos for you!

From Mykonos to Paros


The ferry trip from Mykonos to Paros lasts for only 30-60 min depending on the vessel. This is among the most popular Mykonos’ day trips to other islands. Tourists can take the morning ferry from Mykonos and arrive a few minutes later in Parikia, the port and main town of Paros island.

Paros is a cosmopolitan destination, ideal for all ages, with picturesque scenery, fun nightlife, and amazing villages.

Enjoy a relaxing swim in one of the famous Paros’ beaches, such as Kolimbithres, Santa Maria and Golden Beach, some of which are great for windsurfing, as well.

From Parikia, you can also take the bus that goes to popular spots around the island. You could, also, rent a car or bike and start exploring the lovely island. Paros is small, so about 3 hours are enough to make the round trip.

From Mykonos to Santorini


Many tourists ask us if they can go from Mykonos to Santorini on a day trip. In some days, this is possible, when the ferry schedule is convenient. However, we always suggest you take your time with Santorini! This is a very beautiful and interesting island. The long-distance from Mykonos and the numerous beauties of Santorini may not allow you to see all the fantastic things that this island has to offer during a day trip.

Instead of this, we suggest you spend at least two nights in Santorini so that you see and do everything at your own pace.

From Mykonos to Milos and Sifnos


After the… the wild nightlife of Mykonos, hoping to more quiet destinations, such as the western Cyclades islands of Milos and Sifnos, is the best thing you can do! Both islands are calm and peaceful, ideal for families and romantic couples. The islands also maintain their typical Cycladic style and traditional character.

Milos is particularly famous for its astonishing volcanic landscape and wonderful beaches. All of them are unique and have impressive rock formations, the result of previous volcanic activity. The best beaches are Sarakiniko, Tsigrado, Firiplaka, Paleochori, and Agia Kyriaki.

Sifnos is a traditional island with a typical style, golden beaches and a relaxing way of life. The village of Kastro is the most picturesque in Sifnos, with narrow streets, stone houses, and amazing sea views. A nice place to visit is the Monastery of Chrissopighi, the protector of the island.

From Mykonos to Tinos


Although the island of Tinos is very close to Mykonos, the atmosphere between these two destinations is very different. Tinos is a family island with strong religious vibes, as many visitors actually go there as pilgrims to the Church of Virgin Mary in Tinos Town.

When you arrive in Tinos island, only 30 min by ferry from the port of Mykonos, we suggest you rent a car or bike and drive around. Although this is not a very large island, it is very hilly, which makes it longer to explore it from one side to the other. This is why we suggest you walk around Tinos Town, visit the Church of Virgin Mary and then take the bus or rental vehicle to the village of Pyrgos, the most beautiful village on the island.

From Mykonos to Amorgos


Another very nice island hopping trip from Mykonos takes visitors to the scenic Amorgos island in Greece. Amorgos is a secluded island in the southern Cyclades with a carefree style, ideal for alternative and quiet holidays.

The natural beauty of Amorgos enchants visitors, who can totally unwind in remote sandy beaches with exotic waters and amazing scenery. Many beaches are also naturist places to swim. Apart from swimming, Amorgos offers a lot of opportunities for hiking through beautiful landscapes and traditional villages. Don’t miss the chance to visit the impressive Monastery of Hozoviotissa, built on a high rock with incredible sea views.

From Mykonos to Koufonisia


This tiny island in the center of the Cyclades is the direct opposite of Mykonos. Koufonisia island distinguishes for its alternative vibes. The small village of Chora is the only settlement and center of activities in Koufonisia. This place is great for walking and naturism. Beaches are accessible mostly by foot and bicycle, and they all have soft sand and fantastic crystal water.

Greece is a country with thousands of islands, so island-hopping vacations are a perfect way to visit as many as you can during your stay.

Find out here many Greek islands hopping packages to help you organize your holidays with ease and totally carefree!

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