Gay-friendly Mykonos: the other side of local tourism

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Mykonos gay friendly: hotels, bars, beaches and more

The island of Mykonos, the second top island destination in Greece, is famous for many things: the picturesque architecture, the stunning beaches, the vivid nightlife and also its gay tourism. Since the 1970s, when famous gay artists and actors started flowing to the island, Mykonos keeps attracting many gay visitors every summer.

Today it is one of the most famous gay destinations in the world and a large part of local tourism is based on this fact. Here is a short guide on gay-friendly Mykonos to also discover this side of the island.

# Gay-friendly Mykonos hotels

The majority of Mykonos hotels are actually gay-friendly. Moreover, there are hotels on the island that are exclusively gay residences, such as Geranium Hotel, Elysium Hotel, and others. These hotels organize events especially for gay visitors, such as gay parties and other celebrations.

# Gay bars and clubs

Although all bars and clubs on the island are actually gay-friendly, there are some spots exclusively for the LGBT community. Many gay and lesbian couples frequent there and special events are organized, including parties and drag queen shows. After the closing of the famous Pierro’s, other gay bars in Mykonos are Montparnasse Piano Bar, Porta Bar, and Lola Music Bar. Hot gay bars include Babylon and Jackie O.

# Gay beaches

Beaches in Mykonos are all open to gay visitors, however, there are few spots exclusively for the gay community. The most popular beach with gay sunbathers in Mykonos is Elia beach, a large bay on the eastern side of the island. The right side of the beach, under the rainbow flag, is the most popular spot for gay people. At the end of the main beach, beyond the large rock, is a second smaller beach almost exclusively for gay and partly naturist. Other beaches with many gay visitors are Super Paradise, Agrari, Kalafatis, and Lia.

# Gay festivals and parties

Many all-night parties are taking place every evening in Mykonos with DJs from the gay world and various shows. Over the last years, since 2009, there is also a large gay festival that takes place in summer, the Xlsior Mykonos Festival, with music parties and participation from famous gay musicians and DJs from all over the world.

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