Mykonos day trips to other islands: where to go for a day

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Mykonos day trips to other islands

Centrally located in the Cyclades, Mykonos is not only the second top destination in Greece but also a frequent hopping base for other close islands. In fact, many visitors combine holidays in Mykonos with day trips to other Greek destinations, something very easy due to the busy ferry connection between Mykonos and other islands. Here are some popular and easy Mykonos day trips to other islands.

# Day trip from Mykonos to Paros

Day trip from Mykonos to Paros

The ferry trip from Mykonos to Paros lasts only 30-60 min depending on the vessel. This is among the most popular Mykonos day trips to other islands. These two islands are actually very close and in summer many ferry companies operate the route from Mykonos to Paros. Tourists can take the morning ferry from Mykonos and arrive a few minutes later in Parikia, the port and main town of Paros island.

From Parikia, you can take the bus that goes to popular spots around the island, or rent a car or bike and start exploring the lovely villages and beaches of Paros. The island is small and about 3 hours are enough to make the round trip by car or bike.

Places not to miss in Paros are the picturesque port town of Naoussa and the beaches of Kolymbithres or Santa Maria. If you enjoy windsurfing, head to Golden Beach or New Golden Beach where the wind is perfect for this sports.

# Day trip from Mykonos to Tinos

Day trip from Mykonos to Tinos

Although the island of Tinos is very close to Mykonos, the atmosphere between these two destinations is very different. In contrast to the crowded beaches and busy nightlife of Mykonos, Tinos is a family island with secluded beaches and strong religious vibes, as many visitors actually go there as pilgrims to the Church of Virgin Mary in Tinos Town that is said to be a miracle working.

When you arrive in Tinos Town, only 30 min by ferry from the port of Mykonos, we suggest you rent a car or bike and drive around. Although this is not a very large island, it is very hilly and the roads are windy, which makes it longer to explore the island from one side to the other. This is why we suggest you walk around Tinos Town, visit the Church of Virgin Mary and then take the bus or rental vehicle to the village of Pyrgos, the most beautiful village on the island.

As Pyrgos is found on the northern side of Tinos, you will see most of the island on your way there. If you have time, a nice beach to swim is Kolymbithra, where you can also try surfing. If you do not want to go on this day trip from Mykonos individually, you can try an organized tour to Tinos, where the bus will get you to the most popular spots quickly and easily.

# Day trip from Mykonos to Santorini: should I try?

Day trip from Mykonos to Santorini

Many tourists ask us if they can go from Mykonos to Santorini on a day trip. In some days, this is possible, when the ferry schedule is convenient. However, we always suggest that you take your time with Santorini! This is a very beautiful and interesting island. The long-distance from Mykonos (from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the vessel) and the numerous beauties of Santorini will not allow visitors to see all the fantastic things that this island has to offer.

Instead of a day trip, we suggest you spend at least two nights in Santorini so that you see and do everything there at your own pace. Such things are, for example, a boat trip to the volcano, watching the sunset from Oia and visiting the Site of Minoan Akrotiri.

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