Small islands in Greece: Discover Kythnos

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Greece has a lot of small islands scattered around in the Aegean Sea and although they do not boast much of the fame and heavy tourism of the big isles, they still remain one of the most beautiful secret escapes of Greece. Kythnos is one of these little natural treasures of Greece and comprises of two main settlements, Chora and Driopida.

Kythnos Chora

Both settlements have substantial differences in their architecture and thus, give visitors the chance to admire a variegated landscape. However, all sides of the island are inhabited and worth visiting. On the eastern side of the island, there are nice beaches which are populated by a few inhabitants. On the northeastern side, there are the famous thermal springs of Kythnos which are said to have curative powers.

Kythnos also boasts a very rich history. It is considered to be one of the most ancient settlements of the Cycladic island group with the first inhabitants reported back in the Mesolithic Age (10000 BCE – 8000 BCE). During the Bronze Age, Kythnos was the provider of raw materials for metallurgy to neighboring islands. During the early Medieval Ages, Kythnos has been under the rule of Marco Sanudo, the Venetian Emperor, along with other islands like Naxos and Paros. The economy of the island has been mainly based on fishing and animal breeding throughout the years and nowadays, due to its proximity to Athens, the island abounds in country houses of Athenians and foreign visitors.

Kythnos Loutra

Apart from its natural wealth, Kythnos also features a lot of impressive beaches and a fabulous landscape. Kolona beach is one of the most fascinating destinations as it looks like a big harbor divided with a golden string of sand in the middle. The ambiance of the place is paradisiacal and an ideal pick for all those who need to relax under the sun.

Loutra beach is also one of the most famous attractions of the island because there, you can combine a swim in the sea with the healing effects of the thermal springs which flow into the sea. Once in Loutra beach, you should not miss out on visiting the homonymous village on the north-east of the island whose name alludes to the thermal springs found there. On top of that, you can combine this worthwhile visit with a vivid night out or a nice meal in one of the various restaurants in the area.

Kythnos Agios Dimitrios Beach

Once in Kythnos, you should not worry about where to stay. Despite its small size, Kythnos offers a lot of accommodation options. The accommodation mostly comprises of small studios and apartments, thus retaining a traditional character. In Chora, you will find nice hotels which are often housed in stone houses. In the area around Merichas and the village of Loutra, you will also find a big variety of rooms for rent for all tastes. However, as the area of Merichas is famous with youngsters for its nightlife, the accommodation can be cheaper.

Regardless of which beautiful corner of the island you choose, Kythnos is certainly the type of island that aspires to every taste.

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