Gythio: the unprecedented beauty of Peloponnese

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Gythio constitutes one of the most popular holiday destinations in Peloponnese since it combines everything from wonderful beaches to the beautiful landscape and excellent gastronomy. Just 40 km away from Sparta, Gythio is easily accessible by either car or ferry. Mani and Gythio Town are the most significant regions due to their size, population, and tourist facilities. Moreover, Gythio offers access to beautiful islands by ferries such as Kythira and Antikythira as well as to the beautiful Kissamos of Crete.

#Choosing the perfect Beach

Gythio Ageranos area 2

The beaches of Gythio are quite a temptation because of their clean, blue waters and the soft, golden sand. Mavrovouni, Selinitsa, and Ageranos are some of these beaches. The first two have been awarded the Blue Flag, which indicates that they are very clean and unspoiled, while on their coast the Caretta Caretta lay their eggs. Mavrovouni is the biggest sandy beach situated on the southern side of Gythio, where you can practice windsurfing. Selinitsa is another sandy beach on the southern side that offers watersport activities. In addition to its convenient location, nearby are various beach bars and seaside restaurants. Ageranos may not have a Blue Flag, but it is an organized beach with both sunbeds and umbrellas that combine the sand with the small pebbles, an ideal choice for families.

#Strolling around the Town

Gythio archeo theatro

Rocky mountains, stone castles, large trees, and fishing boats compose the unique scenery of Gythio in Greece. If you spend your vacation in Gythio, you can do various activities, such as hiking in Koumaros Mountain and Monemvasia or visiting Diros Cave where you can admire its stalactites. Near the Town, there is a small island, called Cranae, where you can see the 25-meter lighthouse built in 1873 and the stony Tzannetakis Tower, Mani’s History & Ethnology Museum. Tzannetakis Tower is very close to where the ferry disembarks at the port. In Gythio Town you can wander around the picturesque port and the classy neoclassical buildings. If you prefer excursions, you can plan a road trip to other worth-visiting towns of Peloponnese that are close to Mani, such as Areopoli, Stoupa, Kardamyli – famous for its medieval castle – and even the island of Elafonisos. You can also rent a car and explore the city on a bigger scale.

#It is all about Gastronomy

Gyhtio agia varvara beach

Gythio is famous for its great seafood since it is a seaside town, so feel free to order different types of fish, shells, octopus, cuttlefish or squids. Moreover, you can eat some of the most traditional recipes like lalaggia. Lalaggia is the traditional version of pancakes in Mani, that women used to cook in religious feasts. Their main ingredient is flour and they are fried and served with cheese. No matter what you choose to eat, Gythio is full of taverns and eateries where you can eat a local “spécialité”. In the ouzeries, you can also taste the greek aperitif ouzo, which is a perfect summer drink thanks to its sweet and delightful flavor.

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