Best photos of 2019 as chosen by Greeka team

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The Greeka Photo Contest is over and our Greeka community members voted their best top 20 pictures. Some winners are already packing their suitcases for their Greek Holidays on Mykonos, Naxos and Corfu, others are learning how to use their new cameras, while many are browsing through the beautiful edition of “Colorific Greece” and hanging the new 2020 Greeka Calendar on their wall.

We created this blog post to thank all participants for sharing their amazing photos with our community over the last year, in particular, a big thanks to members KevinThornton, keesus, LynneCoranBookey, jensplace, krilis, AliBoyle and many more. It is because of you, that our Community keeps on growing and glowing! You are our inspiration and motivate us to keep on evolving and improving our Website, Services and of course the Community! Keep up the good job and don’t stop posting. Greeka Photo Contest 2020 is only a few months away!

In this post, we wanted to make a small flashback to some photos that did not necessarily make it to the top 20 of the Photo Contest this year, but left their traces deep in the Greeka’s team blue heart!

So, here they are:

#1 Photo by member “pantazisdimitris”

Above all, Greek Summer is for Lovers, Greek Summer is for Friendships, Greek Summer is for endless conversations at the beach!

#2 Photo by member “mattlouder”

This picture was ranked #12 at the Greeka Photo Contest, but it would definitely rank #1 on G.C.P.C. (Greeka Cat Portrait Contest)!

#3 Photo by member “olga_e”

A big wave and a child gazing it. What a beautiful picture and such a powerful contrast! Oh, those priceless childhood Greek Summer memories…

#4 Photo by member “pelleas”

Two young lovers under the painted pink sky of the most erotic city of Greece, Thessaloniki! Plus, some magic added with the famous metallic moon installation coming outside the sea and you have your most romantic shot!

#5 Photo by member “AliBoyle”

The “less is more” architecture, the pure white color, the clear blue sky and you have the perfect Cycladian portrait!

#6 Photo by member “bogdalina”

This feeling: Sand on my feet, salt in my hair, sea in my view. Hands up if you are already counting down to this moment!

#7 Photo by member “berthoud”

Doesn’t it look like this lighthouse is dancing on the sea surface? Definitely, the most photogenic lighthouse of them all! Don’t you agree?

#8 Photo by member “danytaccio”

These colorful, randomly put “kafeneio” chairs and this breathtaking view is so… Greek!

#9 Photo by member “biser”

Serenity” is the word you are looking for.

#10 Photo by member “jonick”

A swimsuit, a divers mask, and flippers, is all you need when visiting the islands.

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