Best Greek islands for spring break

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Although Greece is mostly preferred as a summer destination, the islands are ideal for the spring holidays, too. Spring in Greece brings out the best of each island when nature is flourishing with exotic flowers and shining waters. The sun is not so strong and the beaches are quieter, not crowded by the many tourists.

An important advantage of a spring break in the Greek islands is that prices are cheaper and direct flights from many European airports start their itineraries. Here are our best Greek islands for spring break.


Best Greek islands for spring break: Santorini

Santorini is surely one of the best Greek islands for spring break. The magnificence of the caldera is enriched during spring when soft breezes still touch the rocky cliffs with the sun shining above them. In spring, the island is quieter and temperatures are mild, making Santorini a perfect destination for hiking and trekking.

A very popular hiking trail is the one from Fira to Oia, which takes about 4 hours. In spring, the colors of the caldera are more vivid, while the route is more pleasant due to the gentle sun. Swimming in the lovely beaches of Santorini is also possible in May, offering a unique private experience.


Best Greek islands for spring break: Naxos

Before tourists flood the island in summer, you have the chance to experience the authentic lifestyle of Naxos during a spring break. The seafood taverns will not be crowded so you will have a more personalized service. The narrow streets of Naxos Town (also called Chora) and the Venetian towers are also better explored when the weather is milder and the sun is not blazingly hot.

Spring is an ideal time to enjoy a day at the empty stunning beaches, with crystal waters and soft golden sand. For those interested in hiking, spring is a better time to follow the large routes, as the heat is not excessive and nature is at its best. The most popular hiking trail leads to Mount Zas, after passing many sights and old chapels.


Spring holidays in Crete island, Greece

The outstanding natural beauty and a vast variety of outdoor activities distinguish Crete as one of the best Greek islands for spring break. During spring, Crete island enjoys the most pleasant temperatures and its landscape is a bed of beautiful wildflowers in full bloom. This mild season is ideal for walking, bird-watching, photographing and hiking.

The famous Samaria Gorge, a main sight of Crete and popular hiking trail, opens in early May, providing a unique experience to all nature lovers. Relaxing in the empty amazing beaches is also preferable in spring when there are no strong winds to disturb the calmness of the Aegean Sea. In Easter time, get to know the customs of the island and enjoy traditional feasts in friendly households.


Best Greek islands for spring break: Rhodes

Spring is the best time to visit Rhodes. The romantic Old Town and the traditional quaint villages are still tranquil, unspoiled by massive tourism during this season. Known as the island with the 300 days of sunshine per year, Rhodes in spring offers unlimited sunlight, combined with mild temperatures. The weather is excellent for sightseeing and strolling along paved paths and secluded beaches. During springtime, total privacy can be found in many places, giving the chance to experience unique moments.


Top Greek islands for spring break: Corfu

A spring break in Corfu promises days of excitement and great pleasure. Nature thrives and Corfu is transformed into a colorful setting with a plethora of flowers and greenery. Easter in Corfu is particularly special, with surprising cultural events taking place. Don’t miss the splendid concerts of classical and church music by the Philharmonic bands, and local songs that characterize the rich culture of the island.

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