Unusual hotels in Greece

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Visitors who choose Greece for their holidays are given the chance to choose from a list of seemingly endless options when it comes to picking the property that best matches their preferences, from low-budget hostels to award-winning luxury resorts – and many more! However, did you know that there are also certain unusual accommodation options, such as staying in a windmill or a renovated mansion from the 1700s? Below, we have gathered some of our alternative suggestions:

#Anemomylos, Syros


Did you know that if you are visiting Syros, you have the chance to stay in a windmill? Located in the picturesque Ano Syros, overlooking the aristocratic capital of Hermoupolis, Anemomylos is a renovated 3-floored actual windmill that was turned into a guest house. The edifice is elegantly decorated and tastefully furnished, always with respect to the original atmosphere and architecture, offering a unique staying experience to its guests. The view to the endless blue of the Aegean is simply mesmerizing, while this is an ideal option for couples and especially newlyweds.

#Katoikies Hotel, Santorini


Featuring in many lists for the most special accommodations worldwide, the photos of the “Katoikies Hotel” in Santorini have become a viral sensation. The mesmerizing accommodation is built at a height of 300 meters above the surface of the water in the renowned caldera of Santorini, offering breathtaking views to the endless blue. This ultra-luxury hotel -seemingly hanging on the cliff- will dazzle you with its cave-built spaces, supreme spa, and jacuzzi facilities as well as its elegant minimal Cycladic design- a staying experience you will never forget.

#Archontiko 1787, Zagori


You may have visited one, but have you ever stayed in an 18th-century edifice? Conveniently located in the picturesque village of Tsepelovo in the mountainous region of Zagori, Archontiko is a magnificent renovated traditional mansion that was originally built in 1787 and was turned into a guest house. This superb refurbished building retains all the elements of its original decoration and architecture, transferring visitors back to another, historic era. The amazing atmosphere, as well as the impressive list of facilities, makes this guest house an excellent option when it comes to winter vacations. Added bonus: The mouthwatering breakfast, made from the superior local products.

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