Traveling to Greece alone: tips and advice

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Traveling alone to Greece: what to have in mind

Every summer, thousands of tourists are traveling to Greece alone, an experience that can be pretty wonderful. However, most potential single travelers to Greece are wondering if it is safe to visit the country on their own. Here are some tips and advice that most people traveling to Greece alone would like to know.

# Generally safe, except for pickpocketing

The Greek islands and cities all over the country are generally safe to walk all day and night. The crime rate is very low in Greece and if you are taking the normal safety measures that you are taking in any country, then you will face no problem at all. Special attention is needed in certain quarters in the center of Athens, such as Omonia Square, Metaxourgeio, Viktoria Square and Patission Avenue, where it is advised not to walk alone after dark.

Also have your mind for pickpocketing, especially in long queues and overcrowded places, including the ports, the Athens Metro, and the buses. Many pickpocketing incidents have been reported in the center of Athens, while in the islands these incidents are pretty rare. In your hotel room, lock your door at night and you will be fine.

# Solo women travelers

At the beach or bar, women will also find themselves comfortable although they will be surrounded by strangers. If you are a woman, some Greeks may kindly approach you but normally they will easily go away if you say that you don’t want company. Women traveling to Greece alone should rather avoid places with big parties and many clubs, such as Kavos in Corfu, Malia in Crete or Faliraki in Rhodes because there can be many drunken tourists there. In any case, wherever you are, if you feel uncomfortable, just mix in the crowd and leave.

# Act wisely

Although Greece is a very safe country, if you do not take care of yourself or if you act and dress provocatively, bad incidents may occur. This certainly refers to incidents that could happen all around the world. For example, do not get drunk because you may wake up robbed at a strange place. Do not show off your jewelry or laptop, and surely do not withdraw money from an ATM in the middle of the night (or do it very cautiously!). Do not go hitchhiking because, after the 1970s, it is not very common or safe anymore. In general, take all the safety measures that you take at home or in any other place in the world.

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