A basic guide for the must do things in Greece

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Whichever island or mainland destination you choose for your Greece vacation, there are some must-do things in Greece. These things are actually what makes a holiday in this country so special.

# Swim in the sea and soak the sun

Must do things in Greece: swim at the beach

Greece is strongly connected to people’s minds with the sea and sun. A holiday in Greece is incomplete without taking a long dive in the sea, laying on the lounge chair for hours and soaking the sun. Greece has some of the best beaches in the world, all safe and crystal. This is a favorite place for families with kids, romantic couples and groups of friends who spend valuable fun moments at the beach.

These beach memories are the strongest memories that people usually have from their holidays in Greece. Let yourself relax under the hot sun, unwind from the daily stress and routine and get strong for the coming winter. Getting in touch with the sea is surely one of the must-do things in Greece.

# Taste local dishes

Top Greek dishes to try

Apart from swimming in the sea, your second strongest memories from your Greek holidays will be food. There are many local dishes that you can find in taverns and restaurants, on any island or village you are. Almost every village in Greece has its own tavern and the dishes in this tavern will be handmade and prepared with fresh local products. Most traditional taverns get their raw material from local producers or even have a small farm and cultivate the products themselves.

Among the most popular Greek dishes to try are Greek salad (also called horiatiki), dakos (Cretan salad), feta cheese, souvlaki, fried squids (calamari), moussaka, spinach pie, cheese pie, and tzatziki sauce. These are the typical Greek recipes that most visitors to Greece usually try. However, every island and location has its own local recipes.

# Travel by ferry

Although it is longer than taking the plane, traveling by ferry is surely the best way to travel to the Greek islands. The most popular islands have multiple daily connections with Athens and other mainland ports. Some smaller islands are connected to Athens about 3-4 times per week or can be reached via other larger islands.

In any case, taking the ferry to the islands is an enjoyable experience, especially if you are sitting at the deck where you can gaze at the sky, the sea, and the passing islands. To plan your holiday, check for Greek ferries itineraries and book your tickets early.

# Walk around… everywhere

Must do things in Greece: walking around

Every place in Greece has something new to discover. There are fantastic places to discover by foot, from villages with traditional architecture to archaeological sites dating from thousands of years ago. If you are interested in history, there are important ancient sites in almost any island and town. After a long day at the beach, have a long relaxing walk in the picturesque villages of the islands and end the day in a tavern or lounge bar.

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