Invited to a Greek house for food? Here are some behavioral tips

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Invited to a Greek house for food: how to behave

If you have friends in Greece or if you like merging with the locals during your holiday, then you are most likely to be invited to a Greek house for food very soon. Here are some basic tips you should have in mind when getting over to a Greek home for a meal or dinner.

# Be hungry

Phrases like “I had an early dinner and now I am not that hungry”, or “I am on a diet”, or “I do not like eating so late at night” are understood but hardly accepted in practice. Have in mind that the Greeks usually have a meal at 2-3 o’clock in the afternoon and dinner at 9 o’clock in the evening, which may be quite late for some cultures. The table will be full of plates with traditional recipes, ranging from salads and cheese plateaus to pies and meat dishes, all made with local products. In fact, meat dishes are very popular in Greece, even more, popular than fish dishes.

So, when seating in front of this full table, be prepared to have food served at your plate all the time. You will be pushed to try everything because when you try her food, the hostess will feel that you like it. The host will keep filling your glass with wine or ouzo. Most times wine is actually house wine and delicious.

# Be talkative

Even if you do not know many Greek words, it will be appreciated if you learn a few Greek phrases and use them over dinner. When you are invited to a Greek house for food, everyone will want to talk to you and make you feel at home. Do not be afraid to use your few Greeks, the same way as the Greeks will not be afraid to use their few English. If you want to attract all eyes on you and leave your hosts speechless, you can even take some short online Greek courses in advance!

At the end of the day, there will be some communication gaps but you will have great laughs! Talks will range from politics and football to grandma’s recent surgery or field works.

# Bring a present

When you are invited to a Greek house for food, you are not actually expected to bring a present but it will be considered very polite if you do so. The hostess will surely tell you that it was no need to take the trouble, but she will be flattered to receive it. This present can be a bottle of wine, some sweets or flowers. No need for something expensive or exaggerating.

# Accept that plate with extra food

When the dinner is over, the hostess may prepare a plate with food and sweets to take with you. You may kindly try to refuse this and say it is not necessary, but she will insist hardly, so do not bother. Take the packet and thank her for the gesture. She will be very happy with this!

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