Less known Greek dishes that worth the try

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less known greek dishes

Greece is not only a paradise due to its unique natural beauty but also because it really is gastronomic heaven. The famous delicacies everyone knows and loves –souvlaki and mousaka– are just the tip of the iceberg; the traditional dishes, whether in their original version or slightly altered are endless and showcase perfectly the amazing local products of their place of origin. Pick your fork and let’s go!

# Kokkinisto

Kokkinisto means “dish with tomato sauce” is a traditional dish that one can meet in various places in Greece, and its main recipe includes chicken in tomato sauce, either cooked in the pot or in the so-called gastra (a special culinary utensil, ideal for oven cooking). Kokkinisto is usually accompanied with pasta or potatoes and its deliciousness lies in its simplicity -just sprinkle some graviera cheese on top and dig in!

# Revithada

“Revithada” comes from the word “revithi” which means chickpea in greek; it is a traditional dish that is most common in the islands of Cyclades and it is traditionally cooked in the famous ceramic pots. The recipe is really simple yet rich in taste, as the chickpeas are slowly cooked for hours in the specially designed tall ovens; the depth of flavor is due to the ceramic pot, which allows the food to be cooked thoroughly and bring out all its natural taste.

# Batzina

Batzina is a type of pie that you may encounter under different names all around Greece – however, it is especially famous in regions of Epirus and Thessalia. It is actually a mixture of eggs, cheese (mostly feta), yogurt, flour, oil and occasionally ground courgettes. Although it has quite a liquid texture before cooking, it hardens progressively and results in soft, delicious carb heaven. Try to not eat the entire batch!

# Gemista

Gemista actually means “stuffed vegetables” and is definitely the signature dish of summer. Tomatoes, peppers and some times aubergines are emptied of their inner flesh stuffed with semi-cooked rice, full of the delightful herbs, like parsley and dill. The vegetables are rarely stuffed with ground meat and are usually accompanied with oven-roasted potatoes and a slice of feta cheese. A supreme vegetarian dish that is equally tasty with any meat-based one.

# Lahanodolmades

The name might confuse you, but their taste won’t. Cabbage leaves are boiled ‘till softened and then filled with rice, ground pork and herbs in a slightly sour white sauce based on a mixture of lemon and eggs. The process requires a skillful cook and is quite time-consuming but the taste rewards the effort. Don’t judge it until you try it, everyone becomes a fan instantly!

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