Getting a summer job in Greece: What you need to know

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Many people dream about spending an entire summer in Greece to enjoy the sea, sun and relaxing atmosphere. A great opportunity to enjoy such a sunny period is to get a summer job in Greece and combine work with holidays.

However, where can you look for a summer job? What are the things that foreigners need to know when they come to work in Greece, even if this is a seasonal job? What are your legal rights? Here is an article that will solve many questions.

Where to find a summer job in Greece

Obviously, in our days, the easiest answer to this question is on the web. Online you can find websites that are dedicated to job offers and seasonal job offers in other countries. To facilitate people who want to find a job in Greece as well as Greek businesses who need seasonal employees, we have created in a section dedicated to finding a summer job in Greece.

In this section, business managers from various tourist destinations in the country can add their job offers and candidates can send their resume directly to the manager through the application form. As is not a job agent, we do not interfere in any way in the process. We just provide a suitable section to get businesses and employers close.

Most popular jobs

A summer job in Greece is usually a job in the tourism business. Most frequently, these positions are hotel receptionist, bell boy, waiter/waitress, bartender, chambermaid, chefs, and other jobs related to the hotel and restaurant sectors. However, there may also be more special jobs, such as windsurfing instructors, a guide for bike tours, animators or spa therapists. The working period is usually from April/May to September.

Benefits and rights

Many times, a summer job in Greece is offered with accommodation or accommodation plus meals. This is a logical benefit as the majority of foreigners who come to Greece for a job do not have a place to stay or it is difficult to find accommodation for a few months.

If a foreigner wants to work in Greece, they must have a work permit. This permit is not necessary for people with European Union nationality, who can work freely in any country of the EU. Otherwise, participants will have to ask the business manager or the Greek embassy in their country on how to get a work permit for Greece.

A foreigner who works in Greece has the same rights as a Greek employee. The employer must provide him with public health insurance, which is the legal thing to do when employing people in Greek business.

Volunteer jobs

Many companies and organizations that activate in Greece offer volunteer positions in various projects. Such projects can be social or cultural work, work for the protection of the environment or animal species and more. A very popular volunteer program that activates in Zakynthos, Peloponnese, Athens, and Crete is the Archelon program for the protection of the Caretta-Caretta sea turtle.

The Mom program in Alonissos for the protection of monachus-monachus sea monk is also very active. There are many other smaller volunteer programs in various parts of the country. Each program has its own requirements, benefits and selection procedure.

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