The best spring destinations in Greece

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Spring is around the corner, the trees are getting greener and the flowers are blooming. The time to start planning your spring trip to Greece has come and you might feel like you don’t know what destination to choose for your next adventure. We got for you, not 1, not 2, but 4 of the best spring destinations in Greece that you will remember forever! Come on, let’s start exploring!

Spring Nafplion

nafplio greece

The historical town of Nafplion is getting even more beautiful during the spring! Stroll around the old town of Nafplion and enjoy a coffee at its cute cafeterias or a traditional meal at one of its traditional taverns. Once you have relaxed enough, you can explore the sites of Nafplion, such as the castle of Bourgi, which is located on a small island in the middle of the sea and the fortress of Palamidi, a huge Venetian castle with stairs that consist of- according to the legend- 999 steps. Before you leave, don’t forget to take home with you some of Nafplion’s local products, such as delicious homemade pasta.

Spring Mesolongi

messolongi greece

The picturesque Mesolongi is beautifully transforming during the spring. It is located in the middle of Patras gulf, offering breathtaking views and a very rich natural environment. The highlight of Mesolongi is definitely Mesolongi-Aitoliko lagoon, which is an impressive environmental park, with rich flora and fauna. The trademark of this lagoon is the little wooden huts around it, which make the scenery magical, especially during the sunset. Mesolongi is famous for its local seafood and fresh fish, so don’t forget to taste one of the many traditional recipes, such as smoked eel.

Spring Gythio

githio greece

This seaside little town of sunny Lakonia will make you feel like you are on a Greek island! The picturesque little harbor of Gythio is the perfect place to relax, stroll around and taste the delicious local recipes. In Cranae island, in Gythio, you will find the famous lighthouse, which is surrounded by fig trees and has a breathtaking view. Also, don’t leave without visiting the Historical and Ethnological Museum, as well as the Ancient Theater of Gythio, where “Thymelic”, a song contest dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine, used to take place in ancient times.

Spring Pelion

pilion greece

Pelion is full of natural beauty, as it is a mountain between Pagasetic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. combining, this way, amazing mountain and sea view. In Pelion, you will find many picturesque little villages, as well as amazing beaches. Some villages worth visiting are Makrinitsa, Milliesand Tsagarada, while you can enjoy a swim at Milopotamos and Agios Ioannis beaches. While in Pelion, don’t miss to hop on the famous traditional “Moutzouris” train, starting from Millies village and going up to Volos town.

If you haven’t been to Greece during springtime, yet, this is your chance to explore colorful villages, wild nature, and exotic beaches, all in one! Book your trip now.

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