Autumn destinations in Greece

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Although Greece is primarily known as a summer destination, plenty of places all around the country make the perfect Autumn getaway. It is certain that some of the islands maintain the summer spirit all the way into mid-fall, but if you are in quest of more authentic autumnal landscapes that lack the unpleasantly low temperatures of northern countries, you should totally add the following destinations to your travel bucket list.

Below, you will find our favorite villages and towns to visit from October to early December, when the leaves are changing color and the cool breeze calls for a hot cup of tea.


Zagorochoria is a complex of charming villages, located in Epirus, the western part of the Greek mainland. The picturesque villages of Papigo, Aristi, Tsepelovo and more are full of traditional stone-built houses with an inviting atmosphere and smoking chimneys. Many of them operate as guesthouses, providing the perfect opportunity for the coziest autumn vacation! In this area, the lush green nature turns into a fusion of warm-toned colors during the months of the fall. On your way there, you will spot streams, centuries-old stone-built bridges and imposing mountains with forest paths that are perfect for hiking, trekking and other similar activities. Furthermore, Vikos gorge which is listed as the world’s “deepest relative to its width” by the Guinness Book of Records offers an amazing setting and is worth a visit.

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The mountainous peninsula of Pilion was according to Greek Mythology the home of Centaurus (mythical creatures that were half men and half horses) and is one of the most delightful places that one can visit on the eastern side of Greece! From mountains and stone-built villages that are nestled among dense forests, to a small cove with turquoise waters, surrounded by nearly exotic greenery, this beautiful area combines it all. The quaint villages of Portaria, Tsagarada and Milies will welcome you at any time of the year, but autumn is particularly recommended for catching nature at its prettiest state. Stroll around the old steam train station, or even take a ride with the vintage steam train, explore the forest paths and spring water rivers and enjoy the sound of the autumn leaves crunching under your feet!

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Situated approximately 2 hours away from Athens,Greece’s first Capital, the seafront town of Nafplion is one of the most popular destinations, especially for weekend getaways and day trips from Athens. Is it the imposing castle walls overlooking the town, Bourtzi, the fortified islet facing the harbor or the quaint neighborhoods full of tile-roofed, neoclassical houses and tiny gardens that make this place so special? No one can tell for sure, but a brief visit is all it takes for Nafplion to earn a place in your heart! Fortresses, museums and charming little coffee shops are scattered all around the area. Last but not least, the ancient theatre of Epivaurus and the Mycenaean tombs are less than 40’ drive away and can be easily included in your itinerary. 

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Built many centuries ago, the castle town of Monemvasia is one of the most romantic destinations to visit on the mainland of Greece. The colors of autumn provide an additional charm to the already lovely atmosphere. Located in southern Peloponnese, the town is built on a rock in the sea connected with the mainland through a narrow stripe of land. As soon as you cross it, it will feel as if you have been transferred to a medieval fairytale! Strolling around its picturesque alleys, you will discover countless stone-built houses with tiled-roofs. Some of them are abandoned, others still house friendly local families, while a few of them are thriving as hotels. Don’t skip a visit to the old castle ruins and experience a dreamy medieval adventure this autumn in Monemvasia! 

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Roof tiles and fishing boats, lush green mountains and turquoise seas are all combined in the enchanting town of Nafpaktos, near the point where the Peloponnese peninsula meets the Greek mainland! In addition to its charming Venetian port, Nafpaktos is full of beautiful neighborhoods, where you will find a few traditional restaurants. The seafront town is surrounded by mountains and dense forests that are completely transformed as soon as the autumn arrives, while the ruins of a medieval castle perched on a hill above the city and slowly reclaimed by nature will be one of the first things to catch your eye!

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