4 Top Yoga Retreats in Greece: The Best Places to Go

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Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India and has since become popular around the world. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that people are looking for new places to go on a yoga retreat.
Greece offers some of the most beautiful scenery and culture in Europe, making it one of the top destinations for yogis.

Let’s deep dive and discover four top choice destinations for a yoga retreat in Greece.

Euphoria Retreat

As the winner of the Wellness Travel Awards in Greece, it’s no accident that Euphoria’s hailed as one of the best holistic retreats in the world.
You can expect every luxury when you visit this secluded paradise nestled in the hillsides above Mystras.
The resort offers supreme luxury in a pristine healing environment. The program calls on ancient theories, therapies, and treatments from both Chinese and Hellenic cultures.
Onsite amenities include a salt cave, Byzantine Hammam, tepidarium, swimming pool, and a Watsu pool.
Accommodation includes 45 spacious, well-appointed, and supremely luxurious suites. Each one perfectly captures the essence of this secluded and restful location.
At Euphoria Retreat, you’ll find a huge variety of wellness programs to choose from including two yoga options, namely:

Yoga and Mindfulness
Daily personal yoga sessions combine with other mindfulness techniques. These lead you to an enhanced sense of self as well as oneness with the universe.
The program consists of meditation, movement, healing practices and breathing techniques. They’ll all help you discover your inner potential for personal empowerment.

Yoga and Fitness
This program offers a suite of personalized yoga and fitness sessions. You can enjoy these either indoors or outdoors among your lovely surroundings.
The yoga and fitness offering draws on several mindfulness techniques to embrace the beauty of inner strength. The kind that comes from physical strength, coordination, and flexibility.
In between your sessions or after your retreat, you can also explore the ancient mysteries of Mystras’ UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site.

Nefeli Nine Luxury Fitness Yoga Retreat

Avid explorers and history buffs love Nefeli Nine’s location in Athens‘ Dikastika suburb. Here you can enjoy views over the Mediterranean Sea as well as easy access to all the city’s fascinating sites.
Here, surrounded by palm trees and serene views, you’ll spend your time engaged in daily programs of yoga, Pilates, and functional training. The retreat also offers an impressive portfolio of water sports and hiking opportunities.
You’ll indulge in all the healthy habits you rarely have time for during your daily life such as healthy balanced plant-based meals, regular fitness classes, stress-management techniques, and abundant opportunities to relax and refresh.
In between, you can enjoy excursions to take in the secret waterfall, ancient ruins, and tortoises in the area.
A night, your luxurious villa accommodation promises a restful night’s sleep lulled by the soothing sounds of the ocean.
The resort offers week-long as well as weekend retreats, and while none of the activities is compulsory, nobody ever skips any part of it.


Zantezest offers an intensive program that aims to clean your system and clear your mind.
Located on the pristine island of Zakynthos, boasting panoramic ocean views and fresh sea breezes.
Zantezest embraces the true essence of Greece. It draws on traditional healing practices and recipes as well as its abundant surroundings.
These healthy meals and fresh-pressed juices are so delicious and fulfilling, that you won’t even realize they’re part of a detoxification process.
During your stay, you’ll also discover how Chi Kung, Tai Chi, corrective posture exercises, and Pilates can complement your yoga regimen.
Immerse yourself in the rustic, tranquil accommodations, lap up the benefits of proximity to the ocean, and immerse yourself in the healing waters of Xiaia en route to ultimate inner peace.
If you want to get active you can enjoy a host of water sports and hikes to explore your island surroundings.
Experience warm Greek hospitality, wonderful weather, and varied experiences during these seven-day retreats.

Silver Island Yoga

If you want to get away from it all, head for this immaculate off-the-grid destination. Powered by solar energy, Silver Island offers a restful return to nature over seven days.
Silver Island is a private island in the Gulf of Volos, off Evia. It encompasses 60 acres of gently rolling hills dotted with olive groves, cypress trees, and wild blooms.
On Silver Island, you can also explore scenic trails, secluded coves, and isolated beaches during your stay. You’ll also enjoy a wealth of wellness-related activities.
You’ll start and end each blissful day with a yoga session to refresh and restore your mind and soul. You can look forward to a vegetarian menu when it comes to fuelling your body.
Each meal comprises a range of fresh fruit and vegetables. Each dish embraces the principles of the Mediterranean diet, acclaimed as one of the healthiest worldwide. You can even enjoy a glass of organic, vegan wine with your dinner if that’s what makes you happy.
The retreat’s limited to ten people at a time. During your stay, you’ll have a choice of staying either in the main house or in one of five immaculately appointed studio villas.

Are You Ready to Explore Yoga Retreats in Greece?

No matter where you travel in Greece, blissful scenes unfold before your eyes making it the perfect place to relax and regroup.
Yoga retreats in Greece offer abundant opportunities to explore your surroundings as well as your inner self. That makes them ideal for travellers who want something extra from their getaways.
Are you excited to discover the magic of a Greek escape? Get in touch and we’ll help you make all the arrangements for your yoga holidays.

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