Top 5 spots for exotic food in Athens

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exotic food in athens

Athens is the city of light and museums and of course, the famous “souvlaki”. However, for all those who prefer a taste of exotic food and a touch of curry on their palate, Athens has certainly something to offer.

If you feel hungry but do not want to spend too much time and money in a restaurant, then why not grab a Chinese Box or an Indian Souvlaki on your tour around the sights of Athens?


Mirch is offering excellent quality Indian food with its specialty being Indian chicken with spices in an Indian “pita” with vegetables. You can take the food away or you can sit in one of the few tables that it offers on the street. The souvlaki looks like a big roll which is worth its approximately 4 euro cost since it is more than enough for one person. The restaurant also offers many other Indian recipes and a wide variety of Indian appetizers that you can taste and enjoy something different. You will find Mirch on Ermou Street in Monastiraki.

Address: 109 Ermou Str. Monastiraki, Athens

#Street Wok

Street Wok, a new chain of Chinese food is becoming more and more popular every month due to its excellent relationship between food quality and affordable prices. Street Wok, as the name suggests, offers noodles and rice recipes cooked in a work that can be combined with any ingredients you might choose and prefer. The portion is quite big and it costs around 4 to 6 euros. You can find a Street Wok shop in many parts of Athens and the suburbs.



If you are into eating something from the Eastern tradition, then Falafellas in Aiolou street and Falafel House in Athinas Street, in the center of Athens are a great choice. Falafel, the exquisitely Arabic food with the characteristic chickpea filling, vegetables and yogurt, also suitable for vegans and vegetarians is an ideal food choice for all those who do not want to taste a typical meat recipe. You will find it at a very affordable price and of course – for takeaway.

Address: 51 Aiolou str. Monastiraki, Athens

Falafel House
Address: 23 Athinas str. Monastiraki, Athens


For all those who want a spicy touch-up of chili and spices, then Ancho Mexican restaurant is an excellent pick. Situated in the northern suburb of Chalandri in Athens, near the central square of the area, it is great for all those who want to feel their stomach burn a little bit and need to regain energy after a tiring stroll among the busy shopping streets of the area. You can taste tacos, tortillas, burritos, chili con carne and many other famous specialties at very affordable prices and also have it for takeaway.

Address: 9 Gyftopoulou & Kolotroni, Chalandri

#Hot Hot

For more classical choices and cheap American food, you can always visit Hot Hot burgers, which is a chain selling American-inspired food and french fries along with a big selection of burgers and hot dogs. The burger costs 3 to 4 euros and you can combine it with a nice topping on the fries. You can have it for takeaway or enjoy the perks of the until-4 p.m delivery service. Hot-Hot is a chain with fast-food restaurants in Syntagma, Holargos and other areas.

If this was mouthwatering, then don’t waste any more time and enjoy the exotic taste of Athens!

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