Creative spaces in Athens

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Athens is a vibrant city with many institutes where you participate in interactive art seminars. Whether you are interested in theater, dance, music, or simply a more mind- stimulating art lectures, then your options in Athens are numerous.

Mikro Polytexneio

Mikro Polytexneio is also a cultural space in the heart of Athens and more particularly in Thission that offers many kinds of actions and workshops. More characteristically, the place has an intense focus on filmmaking and digital visual arts. Space is also organizing various parallel actions in other areas of Greece (e.g This year the Creative Writing Workshop in Amorgos) and is active all year round with new entries coming along. The team of Mikro Polytexneio is also participating in staging theatrical performances and work presentations of the community’s members.

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To Spirto

If you happen to be in the northern suburbs during your stay in Athens then To Spirto (The Match) in Kato Chalandri is a good pick for a creative time. The seminars that are taking place also have a huge range of thematology from wood restoration to photography classes and soap making classes. Prices are very affordable while a walk in the center of Chalandri will definitely remove all stress and negative energy from you with all its vibrant ambiance and busy shopping streets.

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Finally, Nosotros is a different alternative space, dedicated to political and social targets along with poetry performances. Graphic visuals, poetry readings, political conversations, and a cheap bar are the main features of this space. Various parties take place as well and this space is as versatile as it can be since it combines all kinds of interests. Many seminars take place there occasionally but you need to keep an eye on the schedules since you will not find any advertising posters on the streets. You will find Nosotros in Exarchia where you can also enjoy cheap falafel and beer in the area surrounding the main square. Exarchia is the most “notorious” area of Athens for its political mobilization and alternative society.

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