Bar and Restaurant suggestions in Athens

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Athens is the ultimate destination to have a good time out, and the list is endless; indeed the city’s map is constantly enriched by the addition of new bars and restaurants, guaranteeing that your sortie will be a wonderful adventure in the urban jungle! Here are some of our favorite choices  that await your visit:

berliner burgers neo iraklio athens


In the historic neighborhood of Mets, only a few minutes from the crowded downtown, this bar entry has come to add up with its art deco character and relaxed atmosphere. At the corner of Anapauseos and Timoleontos Street, Kain’s open bar attracts friends who want to chat over its numerous cocktails and listen to good, uplifting music. Enjoy your coffee during daytime under the shade of pine trees or grab a quick bite while you admire the neoclassic architecture of the nearby buildings, traveling you to the nostalgic days of a more cosmopolitan Athens.

Address: Anapafseos & Timoleontos 1, Mets

#Different Beast

Not exactly a bar, but a perfect brunch destination made its appearance at Kifisia. The north suburbs are an ideal destination for those who seek refuge from the high midsummer temperatures, and what a better way to enjoy your food under the cooling shade of trees, in the Kassaveti pedestrian. Different Beast serves all-day brunch, as well as coffee, cakes, and smoothies – with a cocktail selection for those evening hours. Its aesthetics will amaze you, resembling shops of Brixton and Williamsburg, while the fresh ingredients create dishes that will become instant favorites.

Address: Kasaveti 19, Kifisia


In the district of Neo Irakleio, an old school neighborhood of northern Athens, an all-day burgers-and-more bar is here to tempt you to explore a less touristic side of the city. Berliner will enthuse foodies with its desserts and mouth-watering burgers, yet alcohol and caffeine lovers will not be disappointed by the selection of boozy cocktails and coffee beverages. The hip aesthetics, the amazing hand-made wall paintings as well as the friendly, relaxed atmosphere will make you definitely visit the place more than once before your departure. A slice of the everyday, authentic Athenian life -what a better way to end your trip?

Address: Plapouta 55, Neo Iraklio

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