5 reasons to visit Athens Acropolis Museum

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The Acropolis is definitely one historical site you can’t miss during your stay in Athens. Except for this magnificent building surely you have to visit also the Athens Acropolis museum which is only 300 meters from the Acropolis. The museum is a new beautiful and modern building designed in such a way so it reflects the Acropolis nearby in its big glass panels.

Athens Acropolis Museum

The top 5 reasons to visit the museum are:

1. Gallery Talks

In the museum, you will have the amazing opportunity to see the gallery of the slopes, the Archaic Gallery, the Caryatid ladies, the Parthenon procession and many more monuments of great historical importance. During your visit, the museum Archaeologist-Host is available to answer questions about the exhibits and also about the daily life of the people those days. Also, you can attend some presentations of masterworks or selected exhibits that are held in Greek and English. The presentation duration is 60 minutes and is limited to 30 visitors per session.

2. Interactive family games and backpacks

Even though museums are not so fun for families with little children, the Acropolis museum offers many interactive family games (that are available also in English) and backpacks for all the family. Through the specially designed family backpacks, you can learn and discover more about the exhibits in a creative and fun way. You can borrow some from the Museum’s Information Desk or buy them from the Museum’s shop.

3. Museum shop for gifts and reading lounge

After your visit to the museum, you have the chance to choose a nice gift or souvenir from the two shops the museum hosts. The first shop is on the ground floor where you can find a variety of postcards, paper goods and a wide range of gifts for children. The second shop is on the second floor where you can find a wide range of books and gifts. You can also enjoy some time reading at the reading lounge of this floor while admiring the views of the monuments.

4. 3D Films and projections

On the ground floor of the Museum, you will find the Virtual Reality Theater that has a capacity of 40 persons maximum. The Acropolis Museum welcomes its visitors and offers them the opportunity to learn through 3D video screenings more about the monuments hosted in the museum. Every Saturday and every Sunday you can find from the Museum’s ticket desk available tickets for sale for the 3D brief projections.

5. Cafe and Restaurant with a view

At the end of your visit, or if you want to take a break, you can have a meal or refreshment at the Acropolis Museum in Greece. On the second floor, visitors will find a restaurant, that also has children’s menu available for families. While relaxing you can admire the panoramic views of the Acropolis especially if you sit outside on the balcony during a nice day. On the ground floor, there is available a small cafe, with views of the archaeological excavation that are below the museum.

For more information, you can visit: www.theacropolismuseum.gr

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