Our 4 best places with panoramic view of Athens

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Although the modern city of Athens is constructed on a peninsula, there are many hills and low mountains around the city to get a great view, day or night. Here are our best places with a panoramic view of Athens that you can easily access by foot or vehicle.

# The Acropolis Hill

Best places with panoramic view of Athens: the Acropolis Hill

Apart from being the most famous sightseeing in the city, Acropolis Hill is also among the best places with a panoramic view of Athens. It is found at a short walk from the Acropolis metro station and from many other popular places to see in Athens, such as the Plaka quarter, Syntagma Square, the Acropolis Museum and more.

The climb up to the Acropolis Hill is of medium difficulty but certainly worth the effort. Visitors see the impressive monuments on top of the hill, such as the Parthenon Temple, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Propylaea, the Theatre of Herodes Atticus, plus get to catch a fantastic view of Athens, from the Lycabettus Hill until the port of Piraeus.

# The Lycabettus Hill

The Lycabettus Hill in best places with panoramic view of Athens

The Hill of Lycabettus is the highest spot in the center of Athens, at an altitude of 277 meters. Many visitors go there all year round to enjoy the panoramic view of Athens, have a coffee or meal at the restaurant or see the beautiful church of Saint George.

Although the access at the top of Lycabettus Hill is possible through a hiking path or by car from the northern side of the hill, there is also a cable train up there that departs from Kolonaki quarter (Ploutarchou str and Aristippou). This cable train works from 09h00 until 24h00 and costs 7 euros per person with return (price 2016).

# Philopappos Hill

Best places for panoramic view of Athens: Philopappos Hill

Philopappos Hill (or Filopappou) is a fantastic place on the southwest side of the Acropolis. The climb begins from Apostle Paul street, halfway between the Acropolis Museum and Thissio. At the base of the hill is a historical wooden church of Saint Demetrius Loumbardiaris.

The hike to the top of the hill is a little demanding but once you get there you see the impressive burial monument of the Roman general Philopappos and a panoramic view of Athens city. At the middle of the way up, there is an excellent opening with a direct view to the Acropolis Hill.

# Strefi Hill

This is one of least known but still one of the best places with a panoramic view of Athens. It is found between the neighborhoods of Exarchia and Kolonaki. This green hill with hiking paths and great views of the city is not usually frequented by tourists but locals who come for a walk with their children or their dogs. In summer nights, there are also many open parties organized there by youth companies.

If you prefer a quiet, authentic place to walk in the city, away from large tourist crowds, then this is it! The closest metro station is Omonia, from where you follow the Emanuel Benaki street up until you see the path to the hill. Just make sure you leave the hill after sunset because there are no lights for dark.

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